Volkswagen ID - Everything You Need To Know
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Volkswagen ID - Everything You Need To Know

Volkswagen ID - Everything You Need To Know
Posted in Volkswagen On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

Up until yesterday, Volkswagen had been tight lipped about their mysterious new electric car brand - the Volkswagen ID...

Up until yesterday, Volkswagen had been tight lipped about their mysterious new electric car brand - the Volkswagen ID - and now they've opened up on all the details, and there's plenty of them. We'll break them down in to bite-size chunks for you below. You've probably heard everywhere that the range of the ID will be between 400km and 600km, but the battery has another special feature that's becoming more and more common in the mobile phones of today - fast charging. Volkswagen state that the ID will be able to charge to 80% battery in 30 minutes. That's an estimated range of 298 miles in just 30 minutes. Not bad if you're late for work and need some extra juice for your commute. At the unveiling, Herbert Diess - CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars - stated that the Volkswagen ID would launch in 2020 "at the same price as a Volkswagen Beetle". Presuming that he means a base-model Beetle, you're only talking around £17,000 for a bog-standard ID I would imagine that VW are taking in to account that prices will drop for electric car technology over the next few years. ID ID is Volkswagen's first compact concept car based on the new MEB vehicle architecture. MEB stands for "Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten" - we couldn't pronounce it either, so let's stick with "Modular Electric Drive Kit". It was conceived for pure electric drive and VW wants to create a fleet of cars built on the design architecture. The MEB concept guarantees the best possible ride comfort, optimum use of space, maximum safety and ground-breaking sustainability, thus redefining the parameters of "drive", "space" and "comfort". ID Why is it called the ID? Well, Volkswagen want you to have your own Volkswagen ID (this might get confusing). Your ID will have your seat and air conditioning settings, and when you approach the car it will configure itself to your preferences. This will also apply to your radio station, navigation settings, contact lists, sound system and ambient lighting. All of this will be possible thanks to an app - VW are calling your smartphone a Digital Key. ID Volkswagen have also shown us how we'll accept deliveries in the future. We'd already seen a glimpse of this idea floating around with the Budd-E concept car, but VW have elaborated on how they expect it to work. Your boot would be accessible to delivery drivers temporarily when they are in the vicinity of your VW ID, and using an app would open the boot, put your parcel safely inside your vehicle, and then close the boot. The owner of the car would receive notifications during this process, so you'd know when your parcel has been delivered and your boot is locked again. VW are currently working with logistics companies to turn this concept in to a reality. vwid6 Where are the wing mirrors? Volkswagen believe that the car of the future won't need wing mirrors, and the ID will use cameras and internal displays to replace wing mirrors. They call this design choice a "little high-tech feature". In the design, the B-pillar is missing, this is because the rear doors slide open instead of being on a hinge. This allows easier access for rear passengers. When the front and rear doors are closed, they form one protective unit.
You have the ability to fold the rear seats up, like a cinema seat.
Gone are the days where a double-flash of your hazard lights showed that your car had unlocked. The Volkswagen ID will greet a driver with an "all-new 360 degree light show" when they approach the car. Before they arrive, the car will "appear as though it's asleep" with only a thin row of LEDs being lit on the car. Volkswagen also refer to the headlights of the ID as its "eyes", and you don't unlock your car, you wake it up. Giving your car a name is about to get a lot more serious. Creepily, VW say that when your ID wakes up, it will "look at the driver with its eyes". Hopefully that's only to illuminate the ground as we walk towards it, and not because it was having a nice sleep. vwid2 If you need to carry large luggage in the ID you have the ability to fold the rear seats up, like a cinema seat, or if you need more space than that the rear seats will fold down to the floor level giving you one large, flat cargo space. Don't expect your entertainment system to be in the centre of the dashboard either. Volkswagen think this is unkind to the passengers in your car. Each person will now have access to the entertainment system via a display in the door. Here's hoping there's a child-lock feature for the rear doors. vwidnew What about autonomous driving? If you want to change from manual driving to autonomous driving in the Volkswagen ID, you'll have to honk your horn (not really). Press down on the VW logo in the centre of your steering wheel for three seconds and it will retract in to the dashboard. The steering wheel itself will take up a lot more responsibility than a normal multi-function wheel. You'll switch the drive position of the car (Park, Neutral, Drive, Reverse) from a dedicated section. Indicating will also be controlled through capacitive keypads. An Augmented Reality Heads Up Display will show things like your satellite navigation 7-15 metres in front of the car. This will be significantly safer than glancing at your satnav every few minutes to make sure you're going in the right direction. The Volkswagen ID is just a concept, but the group are eager to shout that this car will become a production model car by 2020.
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