Tesla Cars

Volkswagen's head honcho, Herbert Diess, has said that Tesla's enormous amount of autonomous driving data gives it a competitive advantage in the self-driving future of cars.

Tesla’s entire range of cars now ship with self-driving technology installed, and whether you choose to pay extra to unlock the features or not, the cars are still collecting data constantly. The vast amount of data is already coming in for Tesla while other carmakers are working hard on bringing their first automated cars to production by 2020.

Tesla aren’t shy to show off this fact either, touting that they have over 750,000,000 miles of real-world driving data to help them improve and update their software while their competition are still using simulations or scripted scenarios.

Tesla Cars

Herbert Diess has came forward and said that the data Tesla is gathering is giving them an advantage against other carmakers, although he does feel confident that many more car manufacturers will be catching up by 2020.

“I think we need to take Elon Musk very seriously”


He does state that he feels other companies will succeed in the end due to their “ability to scale and spread production.”

Although Volkswagen appear to be on the back foot when it comes to automated driving capabilities, ultimately consumer adoption of electric vehicles and piloted cars will come down to brand loyalty and affordability. Competition for Tesla is definitely on the rise.