What’s Volkswagen Bringing to Paris Motor Show?
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What’s Volkswagen Bringing to Paris Motor Show?

What’s Volkswagen Bringing to Paris Motor Show?
Posted in Volkswagen On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

There are scant details on what Volkswagen has up its sleeves for Paris Motor Show 2016, but the VW CEO, Hebert Deiss, has confirmed that they will be showing off a new electric vehicle with a massive 300-mile range. The new EV should be about the size of a Golf, but with the space of a Passat. Could this be the production model of the Budd-E concept? Don’t be expecting this new EV to be on sale any time soon - it’s only rumoured to be going into production in late 2019 – but it’s exciting to see where Volkswagen might be going with its car ranges. Leaked images of VW’s Paris presentation show an original Beetle next to an original Golf, and next to them we see a car covered in a white sheet. Underneath, we see the words ‘Think New’. Volkswagen are obviously betting big on this new EV to put it in the same league of the two VW staple cars. Leaked Presentation With the Volkswagen Group planning to be a global leader in electric cars by 2025, Paris Motor Show could be our first chance to see this new future for VW. Expect something radically different from what we’ve seen from the car maker in the past, as they say the new car will not be a rational design and will yell, “I’m an object of desire.” There have also been some candid shots of a semi-camouflaged Golf R Estate. Could we be seeing a new design for the car at Paris Motor Show as well? To see all of our latest Volkswagen offers, click here.
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