VW Touareg R Hybrid 456bhp | First Look!

VW Touareg R Hybrid

The VW Touareg R Hybrid – a 456 bhp plug-in hybrid from Volkswagen due to be unveiled at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. This could be a game-changer!

What exactly is the VW Touareg R Hybrid?

Set to be added to the flagship Touareg Volkswagen Range, the VW Touareg R Hybrid will bring an attractive mix of performance and efficiency. A Plug-In Hybrid model, the first of its kind in the R range and set to become Volkswagen’s flagship efficiency model.

Based on the third generation of the R product line launched in 2018, which in turn was an evolution of the model first introduced in 2002.

VW Touareg R Hybrid. Coming Soon!
The First Plug-In Hybrid in the R Range. The VW Touareg R Hybrid.

Efficiency & Range

Fully charged, the battery will always allow the VW Touareg R Hybrid to start in all-electric mode for zero-emissions… which in the long run can really add up!

As far as range is concerned, the official figure is due to be announced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, but we’re told by Volkswagen that the battery capacity is designed so the Touareg R Hybrid can “cover the average daily commute under electric power.” So best guess would be between 20-30 miles… however don’t quote us on that!

The previously mentioned strategy about starting in all-electric mode is also designed to provide the greatest savings potential, as well as coming as close to zero-emissions as possible on short journeys.

The Touareg R Hybrid can be driven on all-electric mode at speeds of up to 86mph, where legal.

VW Touareg R Hybrid charging at an electric charging point
The VW Touareg R Hybrid will be plug-in rather than self-charging.


In the performance department, the VW Touareg R will be no slouch, typical for the Volkswagen R range!

As an electric model, the driver simply has to press the accelerator pedal to access the full-electric power output… which is 136 bhp. In combination with the turbocharged V6 petrol engine… which is 340bhp.

Bringing the full output power to a cool 462 bhp. More than an Audi RS5.

Topped off nicely with a maximum system torque of 700 Nm.

If you have a powerful SUV these days, chances are you’re not enjoying an amazing economy level. Just like if you’re enjoying an amazing economy-level you probably haven’t got much power under your bonnet.

I suppose what we’re saying with the VW Touareg R Hybrid you can essentially have your cake AND eat it!

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