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Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog
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Do we still share our thoughts on the latest new cars & vans to hit the road? Of course we do! Just to name a few... did you know you can own a Royal Audi?

Welcome To Our Blog

Do we still share our thoughts on the latest new cars & vans to hit the road? Of course we do! Just to name a few... Fancy reading about the verge of history with Audi's latest model...the all-electric e-Tron? How about a quick guide on the available colour options for the absolute beast that is the 2019 Volkswagen Touareg?  Finally, we even touch upon royalty! Did you know that Prince Harry was selling his Audi RS6?
  Is leasing still a great way to run a vehicle? You can be sure of that! We've touched upon many handy tips covering the field of vehicle leasing, such as:- Answering YOUR questions about car leasing, and there were many! How leasing can actually help you get a mortgage... And all you'd need to know about attaching a Private Plate to your leased vehicle
  What else have we touched upon... well we've started arranging genuinely practical advice columns for you! For instance, did you know some drivers are still unaware of the penalties for using a mobile phone behind the wheel? Or that there are some pretty crazy driving laws all over the world? Or even that you can check if your tyres are conforming to the legal standards simply by using a 20p coin?
  Well, this is our very first blog....ever!  So please go easy on us. In our coming blogs we'll be sharing our thoughts on the latest new cars and vans to hit the roads.  Telling you about the very best contract hire and leasing deals in the UK and hopefully having a good old laugh along the way. For those who don't know, my proper job is being the sales manager for an online car leasing company called Stable Vehicle Contracts.  We specialise in contract hire and leasing agreements for new cars and commercial vehicles for business and personal customers. Leasing is a great way to run a vehicle.  You can fix the monthly cost, the term and even any servicing costs involved!  In short it allows you to get a brand new car or van, every two or three years, without putting down large deposits or having to worry about getting rid of it at the end of the contract. Well, I think that's enough for our first blog.  Please follow us to make sure you don't miss our next post and don't forget to share this blog with your friends and family (or anyone who'll listen!)


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