Leasing Responsibilities

So, you’ve just got your lease car and you’re wondering what your responsibilities are as the hirer. In this guide we’ll tell you what’s expected of you to keep your lease car in top condition.

You have certain responsibilities as the hirer to ensure the vehicle is serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Sometimes, you may never reach one of those intervals (especially if you do low mileage in the car, and have it over a shorter contract length). It is also your responsibility to make sure the vehicle has a current MOT certificate.

Your responsibilities do include ensuring that the vehicle is in good repair and condition at all times. Any damaged caused to, or deterioration of, the vehicle other than through reasonable fair wear and tear is your responsibility to get fixed.

READ MORE: Download the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide (PDF)

To help take care of your vehicle, you should regularly:

  • Check the engine / oil level, coolant labels and refill as necessary between services
  • Check tyre pressures, depth of tread and general condition of the tyres
  • Check all lights and indicators

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on oil refills and the quality of oil to use. If you don’t follow the guidelines, could significantly impact on the performance of your vehicle which could increase wear or cause overheating (leading to engine damage), the oil might block the exhaust catalyst causing the vehicle to fail emissions and control tests, increase your fuel consumption and more.



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