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Audi A5 Sportback Lease

An Audi A5 Sportback lease is something worth looking into if you’re after a practical, spacious and luxurious hatchback. It excels in both exterior and interior design and feels effortlessly smooth when driving, thanks to a fantastic range finely tuned of engines. Now one of Audi’s most sold cars, the A5 Sportback is a car worth taking a serious look at for both personal and business leasing.

Offering 2 extra doors compared to its Coupe sister, the A5 Sportback offers a more practical hatchback-style tailgate that gives it that sportier look. Taking a look inside it has plenty of room and enough space for headroom before the roof becomes an issue for taller people. Passengers over 6 foot in the rear seats will have no issues with legroom thanks to Audi’s efforts in making the A5 Sportback a sizeable car. The boot space is massive and thanks to the hatchback boot opening it’s easy to load it up with bigger luggage cases.

The A5 Sportback comes in various models that have their own unique levels of spec. The Sport is the basic level that comes with a variety of options that will keep 90% of customers happy. Those after the more feature-filled models can opt for the fancy S Line edition or the stylish Black Edition which enhances the look of your A5 Sportback. If you want the absolute pinnacle of Audi performance and design you would be best looking at the Vorsprung model which contains a massive number of features and refinement.

There are plenty of engines to choose from and they all perform exceptionally. The A5 Sportback is quite cheap to run and requires very little maintenance. Our engine of choice for fuel economy would be the 40 TDI diesel engine which is a healthy 187bhp and can do around 51 MPG. If performance is your preference then the 45 TFSI petrol engine pushes out a mega 248bhp and can do 0-60 mph in just 6.1 seconds.

Audi A5 Sportback Personal Contract Hire

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