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BMW 2 Series Convertible Lease

For drivers who want to travel in style, a BMW 2 Series Convertible Lease is an option that looks amazing, is a blast to drive, and has a smart, stylish interior that will have you craving the chance to take it for a spin. It boasts both style and panache that you’d expect from any convertible, but there’s something about this model that draws you to it. The sleek lines and contours make you want to climb in, start the engine and never stop, while the overall design of the car is something that is guaranteed to turn heads whether winding through the Italian Alps or stopping off at a service station for a coffee. 

As a convertible, you’ll miss out on much backseat space, but no one buys a convertible to take family holidays. Instead, this is a car that is for you and you only, plus a friend who’s gotten into your good books recently. Starting at the nose of the car, it comes with the iconic grille that you’ve come to expect from a BMW model, while grooved doors deliver the sporty look that you want when driving a convertible. The soft top is another feature that you’ll enjoy, but only on wet or cold days, and there’s so much more fun to be had with the roof down, with you wearing your finest driving gloves and Ray-Bans.

The interior follows the trend of the Series 2 Coupe, with a vivid screen that helps with Sat Nav and weather updates, while the rest of the console is easy to use, even when you’re not looking. The layout is arranged so that everything is easy to learn, but it’s recommended you get to grips with it before you try using it while driving. The Drive Performance Control adds an extra dimension to road safety but it also lends its hand to high-performance, which is lone of the main reasons to buy a 2 Series Convertible alongside style and bragging rights. 

The LED headlights deliver superb visibility when navigating dark, foggy, or otherwise low-visibility conditions and ensure that other drivers can see you from a distance and adapt their speed accordingly. As for the handling, the M Sport suspension and enlarged wheels ease pressure and save the bumpy rides for another time. This makes each journey comfortable and enjoyable, which is precisely the point you are going for. The automatic transmission is smooth to the touch and prevents any awkward shifts when accelerating or slowing down. 

For fast-living drivers who crave a sporty way to get around town or to their holiday home on the coast, this convertible provides a fantastic experience that you and a lucky passenger will love with every slight twist and turn along the road ahead. 

BMW 2 Series Convertible Personal Contract Hire

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