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BMW 4 Series Convertible Lease

For a fantastically stylish and modern ride, a BMW 4 Series Convertible Lease is undoubtedly something to consider. The heated leather seats speak for themselves, while Cruise Control, Sat Nav, and 2 Zone Air Con delivers an assured and comfortable journey regardless of the length of time you're on the road.

For the exterior, eyes will be immediately focused on the metallic paint job, which gives the first and finest indication of the quality you are to expect. The two-door design also keeps it sleek, but this doesn't stop the wide track from providing a better centre of gravity that increases balance and assists with handling when you kick the engine into gear. 

The boot space is acceptable, but it could be bigger, especially with the roof down. However, there aren't many people who purchase a convertible to take extended family camping trips, so you should get away with a suitcase and a half stashed away in the boot or balanced on the backseat if you need it. 

It bears a lot of similarities with the 4 Series Coupe, and aside from the folding roof, which does fold away neatly enough, all things considered, the result is something that's both immediately recognisable but also intriguing. 

When driving, you'll feel like your cruising, and that's even before you activate the Cruise Control feature that comes with the 4 Series Convertible. It feels more relaxing to operate, and while you won't find it as agile as the Coupe, it's still a sharp drive, and the rear-wheel-drive feature gives it the extra oomph you need to round corners and wind through narrow roads with relative ease. Surmounting steep hills is also more accessible with the Automatic transmission.

There is a variety of engine sizes to select, with the most powerful getting from 0 to 60mph 5.4 seconds, whereas the 420i can hit the same speeds in 8.2 seconds. With the choice of 4- or 6-cylinders, there's also the potential for some serious performance that will make you forget all about the extra weight compared. 

The 420d is the most economical, offering 55.4mpg, and while you may prefer something a little quieter, the purpose of this car is to cruise rather than guess what's around the bend on country roads. With a pleasant diesel engine housed in the 4 Series Convertible, this is possible and exceptionally rewarding. 

It's also rewarding to have a central control system that is straightforward but also packed full of features. The Sat Nav is a given, and there is also Bluetooth connectivity and both Front and Rear Parking sensors to keep the car safe from scuffs and scrapes. There's also a decent amount of room inside, especially for a convertible. At the same time, the infotainment touchpad is intuitive so that you can move through the4 menus with optimal ease and it's respectfully not too large to distract you when on the road. 

BMW 4 Series Convertible Personal Contract Hire

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