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Mercedes-Benz A Class Saloon Lease

A Mercedes-Benz A Class Saloon lease has become one of the best and most affordable ways to drive this stylish car. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to drive the A Class Saloon. Not only does it have a lot of space but it has an excellent infotainment system as well. It also has a frugal engine and luxurious looks too. Because of this, the outright buying price is a bit on the steep side, which is why a lease is a preferred route to go down.

Similar to the Mazda 3 Fastback and the Audi A3 Saloon, the A Class Saloon is a four-door car that has a lot to offer. Released back in 2018, it has a stunning interior, which leads the way in terms of infotainment and style. The expensive-looking chrome buttons and trim pieces, with the turbine-style air vents, make it easy to think you’re looking at an S Class cabin. You can also choose from 64 different colour options, with ambient lighting providing the perfect finishing touch. 

The A Class Saloon comes well equipped as you would expect from a Mercedes. There is also a seven-inch infotainment screen and a seven-inch screen to replace the typical dials behind the steering wheel. There is the option of upgrading to a high-res 10.25-inch display, which is the top-of-the-range system. This is definitely recommended. Not only does it look great but it has exceptional functionality as well. It features the incredible augmented on-screen sat-nav directions, which will show the road ahead with directions that look like they are hovering above it. 

In terms of engine choices for the A Class Saloon, there is one diesel and one petrol, both of which come with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. Both engines are great, although the petrol A200 seems to be the best option. It has a small 1.3-litre capacity yet it produces 162hp thanks to the wonders of turbocharging, which can return a fuel economy greater than 50mpg. 

In terms of driving, the A Class Saloon is one of the safer cars on the road, which is always a great positive. It comes with emergency braking, which works automatically, as a standard. It can avoid or mitigate front-end collisions with other vehicles, as well as cyclists and pedestrians too. Plus, if it is bumped from behind, it will even brake the vehicle in order to attempt to help you avoid the car in front. Mercedes take safety seriously and all of their vehicles adhere to the highest standards of from safety.

Finally, there are a lot of optional add-ons with this vehicle. The multibeam headlights are probably the most interesting of them. They can identify traffic that is coming towards you, and they adapt so you are still able to use your full-beams without there being the risk of blinding the oncoming drivers.

Mercedes-Benz A Class Saloon Personal Contract Hire

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