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Mercedes-Benz GLA Class Lease

If you’re looking for a functional family crossover SUV that also has the prestige of a top of the line manufacturer, then a Mercedes-Benz GLA lease might just be the perfect vehicle for you. This is a vehicle that offers a little bit of everything to its owners; it’s a great way to get around town, while it can also handle those trips into more rural spots too. Whether you’re getting to work or taking a family camping trip, the Mercedes GLA will provide just what you need. 

Mercedes have made their name on how well their vehicles handle the roads, and you'll find that the GLA lives up to these expectations, especially when compared to similar cars in the class. You’ll feel the signature handling when taking bends and corners. As with most SUVs, there’s plenty of power to be found under the hood. Depending on the model, you’ll have between a 1.6 and 2.0-litre petrol engine. While you’ll find that you can zip away from the lights pretty briskly, there’s not so much interior noise to deal with thanks to the high-quality insulation the GLA has.

As we’ve come to expect from Mercedes vehicles, the interior is sleek and attractive, smart enough to be used for business use, and fun enough to be used for personal use. On the dashboard, you’ll find a top-end infotainment display and upper scale materials. As we know from high-class vehicles, there’s much to be enjoyed when it comes to entertainment and other features. All in all, the design and comfort are strong enough to create a place driving experience, and you’ll have a lot of fun playing around with the many features of the entertainment system in the GLA.

One of the best features of the GLA is that it’s spacious. There is more space in the front of the vehicle as opposed to the back, but it’s not as if those sitting in the back will be squeezed in; it’s just that the front is unusually spacious. In the boot, there’s more than enough space for sports equipment, travel bags, or for all the bags of the big weekly shop. You also don’t need that much space to open the boot, which is always a nice touch when you’re the city.

All in all, there’s much to love about the Mercedes-Benz GLA. With good handling, a chunky design, and plenty of features that make it suitable for families, it’s a solid all-rounder that people with active lifestyles will enjoy. It also has above average mileage for vehicles in this class, so there’ll be more time in between trips to the petrol station. 

Mercedes-Benz GLA Personal Contract Hire

If you’ve read enough and think that a Mercedes-Benz GLA lease is the right option for you, then be sure to get in touch and learn about the deals we offer on this model. We have the experience and expertise needed to ensure you drive away with the car you want a great price. Drop us an email on or call 0151 728 4711 today.

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