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How Do I Insure My Brand New Car?

In this leasing guide, we go through exactly what you need to do to get insurance for your brand new vehicle from Stable Vehicle Contracts.

This is a question we get asked several times per day and there are two potential outcomes when you go to insure your vehicle over the phone or online:

  • You give the motor insurance company your vehicle's registration, they find it the exact make and model and everything works out fine
  • You give the motor insurance company your vehicle's registration, they can't find it and ask you for more details about the vehicle itself

The second outcome is common. This is because your vehicle may be registered on the day that it is being delivered to you. This means when the insurance company goes to fetch your vehicle details from your registration, it simply hasn't had enough time to be added to the system and doesn't appear.

In this case, you will get an error such as "this vehicle cannot be found" and you will have to give the exact details of the vehicle in order for the insurance company to be able to give you a quote. As they won't be able to get the vehicles information otherwise.

Please see the image below.

Image of a car insurance website

After you've clicked 'select your car', you will be able to enter your vehicles exact information.

Image of an insurance website

How your vehicle registration works

When the insurance company does a search for your vehicle's registration, it simply comes back with the vehicles information like so:

  • Manufacturer (Audi)
  • Model (A6)
  • Fuel type (petrol)
  • Registration year and letters (2021 and 70, 21, 71)
  • Number of doors or style (4 Door Saloon)
  • Transmission (Automatic)
  • Engine capacity (1984cc)
  • Trim (S Line 40 TFSI MHEV)

What do I need to do if they can't find my vehicle with my new registration?

You need to give them the details of your vehicle like above, either online or over the phone so they can give you a quote. You can find the details of your exact vehicle in several ways:

  • From your vehicle order form you receive from us
  • If you can remember the page on our website where you found the vehicle you ordered
  • Ring us up and ask a member of the sales team for the exact details

Please note, you still need to give them your vehicle's registration as well as the vehicles exact details, as they will add it to your insurance. This is because with 24 hours the registration will be active and working alongside your vehicle.

So what do I need to do again?

Give the insurance company your vehicle's registration, even if they can't find it.

Give the insurance company your vehicles exact details so they can get an insurance quote for you.

Want to get an insurance quote for your vehicle?

Get a large selection of quotes for your vehicle by clicking the image below and visiting the insurance comparison website

An image of a insurance quote hyperlink placeholder

Hopefully, this guide will have answered any questions you have about how to get insurance for your brand new vehicle. If not, please feel free to call us on 0151 728 4711. If you would like to view our latest Audi and Volkswagen contract hire offers please click here.

This guide is accurate as of 11/06/2021. This article does not constitute advice, it is for information purposes only. You should contact the finance company for personalised advice for your specific circumstances.

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