Who pays any fines and charges?

Although it’s unlikely that you will receive a fine or charge while using your car, accidents can happen. So, what happens if you receive a fine or charge while using a lease car?

You are responsible for the payment of any fines or charges relating to your vehicle. The best way to think about it is, what would you have to pay if the car was your own? You would pay the same while using a lease car. For example, if you accidentally receive a parking fine, it would be your responsibility to pay for if it.

Examples of fines and charges that you would be responsible for are parking fines, fixed penalty notices, traffic camera offences, congestion charges, etc.

If the finance company is required to pay a fine on your behalf, they will recharge you or your company along with an administration fee. The finance company would also be legally required to provide any details they have available (such as driver details), on demand from the police, to help identify the driver of any vehicle.

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This guide is accurate as of 28 February 2017.

This article does not constitute advice, it is for information purposes only.  You should contact the finance company for personalised advise for your specific circumstances.