Zebra Fuel Will Fill Your Car Up At Home

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A new on-demand fuel service, Zebra Fuel, is promising to not only deliver fuel to you, but also fill your car up even if you’re not there. What’s the catch? Nothing, other than the company is only taking new orders in and around specific postcodes in London while they look to expand further very soon. Everything else seems too good to be true. Pricing is almost identical to supermarket prices, and you pay a small service charge (which changes depending on the time of day you choose to fill up). Once you’ve placed your order, and you’ve taken a photograph of your car to confirm it’s the right one, you can leave the fuel cap open and Zebra Fuel’s team will send you notifications through their app to let you know when they’re on the way, and when they’ve finished filling up your car.

Want to top up your fuel when you’re at work? Or want to just head home without having to divert to a petrol station and stand in the cold at the pumps? Zebra Fuel takes the hassle out of boring, traditional refills and brings them in to the modern world with oodles of convenience.

To get started with the service, you can download the Zebra Fuel app on the Apple or Google app stores and register. Enter your car details and where it’s located, and away you go. A van will turn up at your car and refill to the amount you’ve selected.

Bonus points go to the competitive pricing (currently £1.21 per litre – the company only supplies diesel at the moment, but petrol is certain to follow) and the fact that you can order a refuel 24 hours a day (and you can even schedule one in – refills while you sleep, anybody?).

We think it’s refreshing to see a company like Zebra Fuel trying to innovate in an ageing industry. Plans for electric recharges are also on the cards for the company. Bring it on!