Data Protection

Customer Service is our priority and our goal is to exceed your expectations on every occasion.

During our relationship with clients, there will be times when we need accurate personal information and we have a legal obligation to ensure that all information held and processed about all our clients complies with the Act.

The Data Protection Act requires all personal and sensitive information to be viewed in the strictest confidence and only be used in circumstances of which you will be aware.

We will treat past and present client’s personal information as private and confidential.

Absolutely no information about our clients will be disclosed to anyone unless

  1. We are legally compelled to do so
  2. Where disclosure is required to protect our interest
  3. Where there is a duty to the public to disclose
  4. Where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent

(Consent does not need to be in writing if the service is provided over the telephone)

We may on occasions employ agents and sub-contractors to process the information on our behalf. The same duty of confidentiality and security will apply to our agents and sub-contractors and all processing will only be carried out under our control and instruction and will be supported by a written contract.

Using Your Personal Information

Your details will only be used in providing the service you applied for and any on-going administration of the service. If you complete and request an insurance quotation your details will be passed to the insurers for this purpose. If you should have to make a claim, any information you provide to the insurers may be put onto a register of claims through which insurers share such information to prevent fraudulent claims. A list of the participants and the address of the operator are available from the insurers.

Keeping you Informed

There may be times when we feel that a service or product offered by ourselves may be of benefit to you. We may use the information we obtain from your account transactions, in our decision-making process. To make you aware of such service or product we may contact you by mail, fax or e-mail to provide you with full details allowing you to make an informed choice. You are of course under no obligation to apply for any of the services or products offered.

If you would prefer not to receive any information, please write to us at:

Stable Vehicle Contracts LLP
No2 Evans Road
L24 9PB

Research & Statistical Analysis

We may use your details when reviewing and understanding the needs of our clients and understanding business trends in order to improve the level of service we provide.

Protecting Our Customers

We will always do our utmost to protect you from entering into any agreement that may not be in your best interest. When you apply for credit our funders will use a process known as Credit Scoring. This process helps to assess your application to ensure that you are able to repay the borrowing comfortably and fulfil our duty to you as a reasonable lender.

In considering any application your record at Credit Reference Agencies will be searched. The details of our search and your application will be added to your record with the Credit Reference Agencies along with details of your agreement with us, the payments you make under it and any defaults or failure to keep to its terms.

We will check your details with fraud prevention agencies and should you provide us with false information and we suspect fraud, we will record this.

If you have experienced problems obtaining credit we recommend you request a copy of your credit file from the Credit Reference Agencies. They will charge you for this service. Their address is as follows:

Experian Limited Equifax Europe (UK) Ltd
Consumer Help Service Dept 1E
PO Box 8000


Where your business has been introduced to us from a third party, we will pass back any information concerning you and your agreement that is required for administration, settlement or payment purposes.

Sensitive Data

Certain information we collect could be classified as sensitive and we only use such information where we have your explicit consent. This information relates to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual life, criminal proceedings and offences and will only be processed in order to provide any service requested.

Our Business Customers

The Data Protection Act applies only to Sole Traders and Partnerships and not to Companies themselves. When an application is received from a business, in addition to the above information, further information may be required from Credit Reference Agencies on the Company Directors and/or Partners as individuals.

Your Consent

Telephone calls may be recorded for security and training purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures.

I give my consent to Stable Vehicle Contracts LLP, and it's funders to obtain the information they deem necessary, in relation to car acquisition on hire, lease or purchase finance.

Any uses of your personal information are covered by our notification under The Data Protection Act. Under the act, you have the right to obtain a copy of any information we hold about you.