10 Handy Items To Keep In Your Car
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10 Handy Items To Keep In Your Car

Posted in Tips On By Connor Clayton

You're going to want to have covered all the accessories and essentials for comfort, safety, entertainment, or if worst comes to worst: a breakdown

If you’re heading out on a big road trip - or even just a long drive - you’re going to want to have all the accessories and essentials for comfort, safety, entertainment, or if worst comes to worst: a breakdown.
Jump Leads

It's not the best idea to assume that someone passing (or even a recovery service) will have one! Carry one of these around, and in the event your battery needs a jump-start you're more prepared than most!

Duct Tape

A universal tool in most circumstances and the motoring world is no exception! A broken door handle, a boot that won't shut or even something as simple as the glovebox staying open. Duct tape can act as a temporary stop-gap until you reach a mechanic.

Just remember, driving a vehicle that has a taped-up temporary solution is not only dangerous, but can potentially affect your insurance. We'd only recommend this if the circumstances require it!

Hi-Vis Jacket

A legal requirement in France and for a very good reason! In the event of a breakdown you're virtually guaranteed to be seen by other motorists and it can potentially save your life. If you need to take a quick walk down a dark road or path for assistance, one of these can really come in handy!

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Goes without saying really, but one of these in your glovebox can really come in handy when the sun-visor really isn't cutting it. Plus there's the added bonus of looking cool obviously.


When the signal & battery completely goes, the good old fashioned map can come in handy! Just make sure it's up to date and not one that's been in the kitchen draw since 2003.

De-Icer or an Ice Scraper

We're pretty much in that time of the year when you step out the door for work in the morning, only to be met with the nasty surprise of frozen windows & windscreen. Give yourself a sigh of relief and make sure there's a bottle of de-icer or an ice scraper in the boot ready to use at a moments notice.

Whatever you do to deal with the ice though, please don't be the one who still thinks throwing boiling water over the windscreen is a good idea. It isn't.

USB Charger

Not just for your convenience, but your not in a great position if you can't make a call for assistance if you're suffering with a dead battery. Pick yourself up a compatible USB charger and most modern cars have a USB socket ready for you to use, if not, cigarette lighter adapters aren't difficult to come by! 


We live in the UK, this one should really go without saying! Need to do a quick bonnet check during the rain? An umbrella makes things a little easier...

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Mints/Chewing Gum

Not just for your own convenience, but did you know the act of sucking on a mint or chewing a piece of gum whilst driving is actually a handy way of staying alert? Creating another task you have to deal with would remove the subconscious monotony of long distance motorway driving for example... and you end up with fresher breath. Win-Win!

First Aid Kit

Very handy to have one of these in the boot! Get a bump or a nasty cut whilst out and about? Having a first aid kit available, as simple as it sounds, would be a welcoming sight!