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2021 Volkswagen GTE Colours Guide & Prices

2021 Volkswagen GTE Colours Guide & Prices
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The 2021 Volkswagen GTE brings a comfortable range of colours to the table, including metallic, solid and mother-of-pearl paints. Check them out here!

The 2021 Volkswagen GTE has seen the same Mk8 facelift as the GTI, R and GTD... and rightly so!

As the plug-in hybrid version of the Mk8 Golf, the GTE also brings a range of colours to the table, including metallic, solid and mother-of-pearl. Let's take a look!

  • Pure White (Solid)
  • Moonstone Grey (Solid)
  • Atlantic Blue (Metallic)
  • Dolphin Grey (Metallic)
  • Kings Red (Metallic)
  • Reflex Silver (Metallic)
  • Deep Black (Pearl)
  • Oryx White (Mother-of-Pearl)

2021 Volkswagen GTE Colours and prices

Pure White (Solid) - £0

2021-Volkswagen-Golf-GTE-Pure-WhitePure White is your free & standard option for the 2021 Golf GTE, and it has been multiple times in the past. It's a recognisable colour for the Golf, dependable, stylish & quite a popular choice! Possibly because it costs a grand total of £0... but either way, we like it!


Moonstone Grey (Solid) - £375

2021-Volkswagen-GTE-Moonstone-GreyOne of the newest and more unique colours for the VW range, Moonstone grey has recently come into the limelight with the VW Arteon R-Line Special Edition... and it looks just as good on the new Golf GTE! a £375 option over the Pure White standard paint, Moonstone grey will turn some heads in combination with the new look Golf!


Atlantic Blue (Metallic) - £625

2021-Volkswagen-GTE-Atlantic-BlueThe first of the metallic paint options, Atlantic Blue comes in as a £625 option. We trialled one of the mk8 golf models not too long ago, which happened to be in Atlantic Blue... and we weren't disappointed! It complements the mk8 facelift nicely, and also goes well with the GTE's red brake calipers!


Dolphin Grey (Metallic) - £625

2021-Volkswagen-GTE-Dolphin-GreyAnother metallic option priced at £625, Dolphin Grey finds a nice balance between Moonstone Grey & Deep Black... as well as the added bonus of a metallic finish! Again, we were fortunate enough to trial an Mk8 Golf in Dolphin Grey, and again we thought it complimented the look of the Mk8 Golf nicely!


King's Red (Metallic ) - £625

2021-Volkswagen-GTE-Kings-RedOne of the more 'Shouty' colour options available for the GTE, also priced at £625. If you're looking to add a bit of 'kick' to the look of your GTE... we'd thoroughly recommend King's Red Metallic Paint! Again, another one that compliments the brake callipers nicely!


Reflex Silver (Metallic) - £625

2021-Volkswagen-GTE-Reflex-SilverFan of the 'Dolphin Grey' option... but also a fan of the 'Pure White'? The £625 option of 'Reflex Silver' might just be the happy medium! Brings quite a shine to the look of the GTE, and seems to be the natural step up from the standard 'Pure White' option! 


Deep Black (Pearl) - £625

2021-Volkswagen-GTE-Deep-BlackThe first of the available 'Pearl' options, deep black will give your GTE the 'Stealth' look... if that's what you're looking for! If you wanted to go REALLY stealthy... you could whack it in full-battery mode and drive in complete silence too? ...Might be a safety issue with that but you see what we mean!


Oryx White (Mother-Of-Pearl) - £1,040

2021-Volkswagen-Golf-GTE-Oryx-WhiteFinally, the deluxe option is the mother-of-pearl Oryx White, coming in at a £1,040 option. Oryx White is quite a step up from the pure-white option, but when you see it in person... you'll understand why!

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