2022 Range Rover Revealed | Price, Specs & Release Date
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2022 Range Rover Revealed | Price, Specs & Release Date

2022 Range Rover Revealed | Price, Specs & Release Date
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Premium off and on-road car manufacturers Land Rover have revealed the all-new 2022 Range Rover in all its glory. Featuring a brand new design inside and out.

The fifth-generation 2022 Range Rover has finally been announced by Jaguar Land Rover and will be released a whole decade after the fourth generation came out in 2012. It's bigger, better and more modern for the current generation of enthusiasts, with enough luxury to make you feel like a king whilst driving.

So what does the 2022 Range Rover bring new to the table? Pretty much everything. A new exterior design, an updated interior, new features and functions, new powertrains, several new models and a new architecture from which the foundations of the car are built. 

An image of the 2022 Range Rover from the front

Land Rover have opted to underpin the 2022 Range Rover with the MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture). This is the first vehicle in their repertoire to use it, as the previous EV planned to use it, the Jaguar XJ, has been cancelled indefinitely. Land Rover says the new MLA features a 'five-link rear axle', which will make the 2022 Range Rover smooth out terrain imperfections for maximum cabin comfort.

2022 Range Rover Exterior

Land Rover has updated the fifth-gens overall look to fit in with the current host of modern SUVs available on the market. But they've kept that classic Range Rover styling we all know and love. Sleek, sharp and handsome, the 2022 Range Rover is classic Range Rover through and through but features design updates to keep it fresh.

Front changes

Looking straight at the 2022 model from the front you will notice the brand new LED headlight design. They're slightly slimmer than the fourth-gen but feature a new light shape when the bulbs are on and contain two million micro-mirrors. The LEDs protrude into the top grille surrounds which looks really clean and crisp.

An image of the 2022 Range Rover from the rear

The top and bottom grilles have seen the main updates of the front end. No longer do you have the separate left and right bottom grilles of the fourth-gen, but a full-length grille running along the width of the bottom of the bumper. The top grille has been made slimmer and the iconic Land Rover badge suits comfortably on the lower right.

The whole front end design looks fantastic and houses all of the sensors and cameras within, which will make the everyday driving of the 2022 Range Rover even easier than the last.

A front shot of the 2022 Range Rover

The chassis is even lighter and more responsive than previous generations, thanks to increased rigidity. The chassis sits on Bilstein dampers and a pressurised air suspension system which makes the drive feel extremely smooth. 

Side changes

The sides have been made a touch slimmer with the top of the bodywork slightly narrowing as it reaches the bottom, giving it a sharp look when viewed from the left or right. This gives the bottom half of the side profile a shadow thanks to the caving in lines of the top section. The doors are chunky and have pop-out door handles to keep things streamlined.

An image of the side profile of the 2022 Range Rover

The 2022 Range Rover features the biggest alloys ever fitted to any Land Rover in their arsenal currently. 23-inch 10-spoke rims sit comfortably within the wheel arches and make the premium SUV look seriously epic.

Rear changes

The rear end has seen a huge update. Gone are the large vertical rear taillights which looked dated, as they have been replaced with all-new slimmer and sharper taillights that protrude into the black Range Rover logo panel above. We're calling it the 'Range Rover moustache', as it curves across the rear in a moustache-like fashion.

A shot of the rear of the 2022 Range Rover

Viewing the rear from the side almost looks like the car is pinched upward toward the rear. This has given the rear a sharper profile, unlike the fourth-gen which was more bulbous and chunky. The 2022 Range Rover comes with a split tailgate and even offers boot seating, should you wish to sit under the rear boot door during a bout of rain.

Other changes

Land Rover says the 2022 Range Rover is 12% more aerodynamic and 24% less noise from the outside is brought into the interior. The fifth-gen Range Rover will also be available in standard wheelbase, long wheelbase (LWB) and long wheelbase seven seats. What does this mean? LWB vehicles are simply longer than standard wheelbase vehicles. Meaning opting for the LWB version will give you more space inside.

Another front side shot of the 2022 Range Rover

2022 Range Rover Interior

The interior is where the 2022 Range Rover has seen the biggest changes. It's simple, minimalistic and clutter-free, which is what we like. The centre dashboard houses a 13.1-inch curved touchscreen with physical controls for climate control functions right under. Below that is a hidden compartment for wireless phone charging and a very simple but clean designed gear shift lever, surrounded by a wood veneer.

An interior image of the dashboard of the 2022 Range Rover

The touchscreen uses the Pivi Pro system, which is used on the new Land Rover Defender. It's a fast and intuitive software that will keep most happy.

The 13.1-inch touchscreen contains a new haptic feedback system, which is a brand new feature for Range Rover. If you don't know what haptic feedback is, essentially the touchscreen can 'rumble' or 'buzz' when touched. It's a nice feature that helps you to focus on what is being pressed and whether the system has acknowledged it.

An image of the gear shift level of the 2022 Range Rover

The steering wheel has seen some interesting changes too. The two bottom forks that slotted into the bottom of the steering wheel have been moved to the side instead. We think this gives it a cleaner look. Of course, in Range Rover fashion, the multifunction steering wheel contains several capacitive touchscreen buttons to quickly change anything you need to whilst driving.

Sound-wise you get a premium 1600W Merdian speaker system, which uses Meridian's 'Cabin Correction' technology to provide the clearest sounds and avoid any unwanted resonance from vibrations whilst driving.

An image of the rear seating section of the 2022 Range Rover

Another great addition is an all-new cabin air purification system to ensure you're breathing the cleanest air, even when sitting in heavy traffic with the air conditioning on. 

The back seat section is just as luxurious as the front. Even the tallest of passengers will find there is plenty of room for their legs when stretched out. The centre console in the back features a folding table that can be rotated, cup holders, an optional champagne cooler and a touchscreen that has a few features such as rear-seat heating and air-con control.

2022 Range Rover Engines

There are a couple of excellent engines to choose from depending on your situation and usage. Land Rover says there is a fully electric model on the way as well, but this is scheduled for release in 2024.

Diesel MHEV

Starting with the diesel engines, the 2022 Range Rover offers two diesel engines right off the bat with excellent efficiency ratings. The D300 AWD (all-wheel drive) Ingenium is a 3.0-litre six-cylinder twin-turbo MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) that offers 300hp. The other available motor is the D350 with 350hp and a 0-60mph sprint of 5.8 seconds.

An image of the engine internals of the 2022 Range Rover

Petrol MHEV

Petrolheads have two engines to choose from. The P400 is a 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged MHEV AWD that offers 400hp and a 0-60mph of 5.5 seconds. Alternatively, you have the monstrously powerful P530 model that comes with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that offers 530hp and a 0-60mph of 4.4 seconds.

Petrol PHEV

As well as the MHEV models mentioned above, Land Rover have a set of PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) engines lined up for release shortly after. The PHEV variants, dubbed the P440e and P510e, will offer a 38.2kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 105kW electric motor integrated into the transmission of the 3.0-litre petrol engines.

Land Rover says this will give you up to 62 miles of range (WLTP) solely on the battery, as well as giving you a notable horsepower boost thanks to the combination of fuel and electric power. 

An image of the PHEV underpinnings of the 2022 Range Rover

Land Rover also says the PHEV models will have cleverly hidden battery packs within the chassis, meaning it won't compromise on the interior size of the cabin.

2022 Range Rover Prices

The 2022 Range Rover will come in SE, HSE, Autobiography and First Edition models. These particular models will be available on standard wheelbase, long wheelbase and long wheelbase seven seats.

If you want the basic petrol model (P400 SE standard wheelbase), it starts at £98,000. The basic diesel D300 SE model with standard wheelbase is £94,000. The rest of the models range between £97,500 - £131,300. With the £131,300 model being the seven-seater long wheel Autobiography V8 petrol engine.

If you want to view the pricing for all the models you can view it by visiting the Land Rover official website

2022 Range Rover Release Date

The 2022 Range Rover is due for UK deliveries in Spring 2022. The PHEV models will be available shortly after the launch of the MHEV models. And finally, 2024 is when we will see the release of the fully electric model.

If you're interested in leasing the brand new 2022 Range Rover, please visit our Range Rover leasing section for available models and pricing.

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