Audi A5 Colour Guide & Prices
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Audi A5 Colour Guide & Prices

Audi A5 Colour Guide & Prices
Posted in Audi On By Connor Clayton

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the new Audi A5, one of Audi’s most design-focused ranges.

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the new Audi A5. The A5 range is one of Audi’s most design-focused ranges with its elegant flowing lines on all models and a signature sloping roofline on both the Coupé and Sportback models.

Audi A5 - IBIS White

IBIS White, Solid - £0

The Ibis White paint is simple and smart. It makes the features of the Audi A5 stand out as well as the grylle and alloys. This colour has been the most popular for the last few years amongst the Audi community, but has only just started to decline against the Brilliant Black option.

Brilliant Black, Solid - £0

This standard, black colour is an excellent choice for someone looking for a stylish, but classy colour that is sophisticated and smart. It complements the front grille and front bumper design of the A5 Saloon as well. Did we mention that it’s a free option?

Floret Silver, Metallic - £645

Floret Silver is a popular choice amongst the entire Audi range. It makes any model stand out, not least the A5. If you’d like to keep your car looking new and sleek for the duration of your contract with minimal effort, Floret Silver is for you! Not to mention the fact it quite simply oozes class.
Audi A5 - Glacier White

Glacier White, Metallic - £645

Glacier white is an extremely popular choice for the entire Audi range, and in all honesty, it’s not difficult to see why! A tidy look that really boosts the already fairly high appeal of the A5. Definitely a choice worth considering, just be prepared go for regular washes to keep that factory-fresh look up. Keep that shine bright on this exterior and in combination with the classy A6 model, you’re onto a winner!
Audi A5 - Gotland Green

Gotland Green, Metallic - £645

Gotland Green is an unusual colour on this car. We think that this colour option is going to be the least popular on the A5, but it could be right up your street!

Manhattan Grey, Metallic - £645

Audi A5 - Matador Red

Matador Red, Metallic - £645

Not the most common of colours you’d expect to find on an Audi, but we weren’t put on this planet to blend in! Statistically speaking, red is the safest colour to have for any vehicle due to their sheer visibility, not tricky to see why! Matador Red will definitely be a head-turning option and is certainly one to consider for the A5, subtle, yet somehow still extravagant !
Audi A5 - Monsoon Grey

Monsoon Grey, Metallic - £645

Monsoon Grey works nicely with the style of the A5, but it’s probably the most sensible of the paint options available. Perfect if you’re looking for a paintwork that will blend in with the crowds, but with all the benefits of a classy car that has all the latest features.
Audi A5 - Mythos Black

Mythos Black, Metallic - £645

If you’re considering Brilliant Black, Mythos Black is also definitely worth looking at. There’s some considerable advantages to the metallic look, such as it can be more resistant to fading, it may increase the resale value and of course, it looks much more desirable. Perfect for anyone looking to portray class in a subtle way.

Tango Red, Metallic - £645

Tango red appears to be an unorthodox colour for the Audi A5, but personally we think it definitely suits it! Your A5 will stand out, and not just for the fact of the quality design. After all, we weren’t put on this planet to simply blend in!


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