Do You Know The Christmas Tree Transport Laws?

Legally Transporting a Christmas Tree

Most people have no idea the laws are when it comes to transporting Christmas trees. Don’t get caught out with a fine!

Regarding any load of a sizeable nature, the Highway Code states that drivers must not dangerously overload their vehicles. They must also ensure the load fits comfortably inside the vehicle, so branches sticking out of a window is a breach of this!

If you’re pulled over and judged to be breaking this law, you will specifically be charged with ‘causing or likely to cause danger by reason of load or passengers’ – which means a fine & three penalty points.

Quite the unwelcome Christmas present!

Not to mention to potential issues you can cause to your vehicle – excess weight can cause damage to the brakes, suspension and the drivetrain.

Transporting a Christmas Tree Safely & Legally

  • If you can, make sure the tree is netted. Most places will sell them netted or even set this up for you – this should be the state your tree is in before it enters your vehicle.
  • If it clearly wont fit inside your car, don’t be tempted to force it in or open windows to create extra space, you’ll break the law.
  • If there’s no enough room in the car, you’ll need to attach it to your roof – make sure the stump end is towards the front, you’ll limit wind resistance this way.
  • Secure the tree tightly in place using bungee cords or ropes. If you don’t have a roof rack, open your car doors and strap the tree to the roof this way. Closing your doors to secure it.
  • Remember – the extra weight will require some careful driving! Take corners slowly and do not brake sharply.