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Is The Volkswagen Bluemotion Technology a Fuel Saver?

Is The Volkswagen Bluemotion Technology a Fuel Saver?
Posted in Reviews On By David Moffatt

Is the Volkswagen Bluemotion Technology a fuel saver? Stable Vehicle Contracts goes through what you get when you buy a car with Bluemotion Technology.

Bluemotion Technology

Nearly all Volkswagen diesel models now have an extra name tagged on called Bluemotion Technology.  But what is this and can it really save you money?

The BlueMotion is a range of innovative energy-saving technologies, from the automatic start/stop to low rolling resistance tyres.  They work alongside the diesel engines and gearboxes to cut fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.  Other fuel-saving features include improved aerodynamics and the recuperation of energy from braking. Best of all, this increased efficiency also helps cut the cost of running your car.


Here is a breakdown of what the Bluemotion Technology gives you:

Battery Regeneration

For me, this is the best bit of kit.  Basically, the car takes the energy used when braking, stores it and puts it back into the battery to be used when starting the engine. This means your battery will last far longer than a car that doesn't have Bluemotion Technology.

Start/Stop Technology

The engine automatically cuts out when the car is stopped and in neutral.  Dip the clutch and hey-presto the car fires into life.  This is great for town driving and when stuck in traffic jams.  Whenever your car is ticking over, it's using fuel and costing money! It's worth pointing out that this feature can be turned off at a press of a button! Bluemotion Technology also helps to preserve battery life even when the stop/start function is under constant use.


Bluemotion Technology from Volkswagen


Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Very simply the design of these tyres needs less engine power to move the car forward, which in turn save fuel and therefore money! Bluemotion Technology ensures all tyres fitted to your Volkswagen will be equipped with this low rolling resistance type tyre.

Aerodynamic Design

The smoother the airflow over your car as it goes forward, the less drag there is holding it back and the less effort is needed to move the car forward. That means better performance and lower fuel consumption from your Bluemotion Technology vehicle.

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