MG Motor UK Launches All-new MG3 Hatchback Update For 2024

MG Motor UK Launches All-new MG3 Hatchback Update For 2024

MG Motor UK Launches All-new MG3 Hatchback Update For 2024
Posted in Car News On 01/03/24 By Aaron

The updated MG3 for 2024 stands out as a cutting-edge hybrid hatchback, integrating technology to deliver a blend of performance, efficiency, & sophistication.

Upon its debut in March 2024, the MG3 hatchback will offer two distinct specifications, both equipped with the innovative Hybrid+ powertrain for the UK.

MG's pioneering work on this hybrid system results in a larger battery and a more potent electric motor compared to competitors in the B-segment hybrid market.

Despite its enhanced spaciousness compared to its predecessor, the MG3 maintains its compact dimensions, making it a favoured choice among urban drivers.

With generous interior features and ample space, on par with the best offerings in its class, the MG3 Hybrid+ ensures both practicality and efficiency.

Moreover, customers benefit from MG's renowned seven-year/80,000-mile warranty, included as standard, enhancing its overall value.

The introduction of MG's Hybrid+ powertrain technology marks a significant milestone for the all-new MG3, being the first conventional, non-plug-in hybrid system featured in an MG model.

An image of the 2024 MG Motor UK MG3 Hatchback in Battersea Blue metallic paint

Comprising five core elements: engine, transmission, battery, electric motor, and generator, this technology prioritises efficiency without compromising on performance.

In fact, the MG3 becomes the fastest accelerating hybrid B-segment model in its class, achieving a remarkable 0-62mph sprint time of 8.0 seconds.

Its prowess in accelerating to motorway speeds, from 50-75 mph, is equally impressive, clocking in at just 5.0 seconds.

With a combined power output of 143kW, the MG3 Hybrid+ delivers impressive economy figures of 64mpg (4.4l/100km) and emits only 100g/km CO2. This efficiency is further enhanced by a 1.83kWh battery, providing a substantial electric-only driving range.

Under the hood, the all-new MG3 boasts a 75kW 1.5-litre petrol engine, paired with a 100kW electric motor and a separate generator motor, facilitating various powertrain operating modes.

This configuration not only ensures class-leading performance for a hybrid B-segment hatchback but also guarantees adaptable performance across diverse driving conditions.

An image of the 2024 MG Motor UK MG3 Hatchback in Battersea Blue metallic paint

The Atkinson-cycle petrol engine, boasting a capacity of 1.5 litres and four cylinders, churns out a robust 75kW (102 PS), showcasing an exceptional thermal efficiency rated at 41%.

Partnered with the electric motor, generating 100kW (136 PS), the Hybrid+ system ensures a wide spectrum of power delivery throughout the rev range.

By integrating a more potent motor, the MG3 optimally handles high-load scenarios like acceleration, seamlessly transitioning to electric power, with the petrol engine smoothly taking over at higher velocities.

A three-speed automatic transmission connects the engine, promising an efficient and pleasurable driving experience. Notably, the MG3 offers prompt acceleration coupled with refined and seamless gear shifts.

An image of the 2024 MG Motor UK MG3 Hatchback in Battersea Blue metallic paint

Motorists have the liberty to tailor the MG3's responsiveness with three driving modes: Eco, Standard, and Sport. Eco mode emphasises fuel economy, delivering gentle throttle responses.

Standard mode strikes a balance between economy and performance, ideal for most journeys. Sport mode amps up responsiveness, maximising the combined power output, thereby setting new performance benchmarks in the hybrid supermini category.

The all-new MG3 promises a spirited driving experience alongside elevated comfort levels, a result of collaborative efforts between MG's engineers in Europe and China, fine-tuning the chassis and suspension to cater to diverse markets.

Sporting compact dimensions and an agile configuration, the MG3 ensures a refined ride experience while staying true to MG's "fun-to-drive" ethos.

It leverages new ultra-high stiffness components in the chassis and meticulously designed suspension elements to enhance handling prowess and ride comfort.

An image of the 2024 MG Motor UK MG3 Hatchback in Battersea Blue metallic paint

Aside from striking an ideal balance between comfort and dynamism, aided by the new hybrid powertrain's ability to operate on electric power briefly, the all-new MG3 elevates refinement and noise suppression standards.

Engineers have prioritised minimising noise, vibration, and harshness through strategic placement of engine and suspension mounts, integration of sound-absorbing materials, and meticulous transmission design, thereby ensuring a premium driving encounter.

The all-new MG3 caters to UK customers with two specifications, SE and Trophy, poised to challenge other B-segment models with their array of standard technology and features.

A standout feature is the twin-screen cockpit, comprising a 7-inch digital instrument screen and a 10.25-inch central infotainment system.

Enhanced graphics and responsiveness, along with retained piano-key switches on the centre console, maximise safety and convenience during driving.

Standard features include satellite navigation, smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and MG iSMART connectivity, offering premium-level features to MG3 customers.

An image of the 2024 MG Motor UK MG3 Hatchback in Battersea Blue metallic paint

Additional equipment highlights encompass air conditioning, a six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, four USB ports, and rear parking sensors and camera. Higher trim levels boast leather-style upholstery, keyless entry, heated front seats and steering wheel, and a 360-degree camera.

Safety is paramount with the inclusion of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), featuring MG Pilot technology comprising Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, and Traffic Jam Assist.

Freshly developed from scratch, the MG3 boasts increased dimensions, surpassing its predecessor in both length and width. This redesign results in enhanced interior spaciousness for passengers, alongside presenting the largest boot space within the hybrid B-segment category.

Crafted by MG's Shanghai studio, the all-new MG3 showcases an array of design elements for customers to explore, ranging from alloy wheels to LED headlights, accompanied by a revamped colour palette.

For UK customers, a choice of six paint options awaits: Arctic White, Battersea Blue, Dynamic Red, Black Pearl, Monument Silver, and Hampstead Grey.

You can lease the brand-new MG3 Hatchback by visiting our MG3 leasing page.

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