In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the new Audi A4 Avant. With sharp looks, new technology and 5-door practicality, the latest A4 Avant has been enhanced in every way.

Brilliant Black – £0

This standard, free, black colour is an excellent choice for someone looking for a stylish, but classy colour that is sophisticated and smart. It freely complements the front grille and front bumper design of the A4 Avant as well. 

Just incase we didn’t mention it, it’s a free option!

Ibis White, Solid – £0

The Ibis White paint is simple and smart. It makes the features of the New Audi A4 Avant stand out as well as the grylle and alloys. This colour has been the most popular for the last few years amongst the Audi community, but has only just started to decline against the Brilliant Black option.

Quantum Grey – £675

Sporty and elegant at the same time, the Quantum Grey Metallic is worth considering for any model, let alone the A4! As well as accentuating the alloys & grylle, the Nano Grey gives the feel of a gritty determined attitude!

Ascari Blue – £675

A smooth, but not too dark, blue that will stand out in daylight, but disappear into the darkness at night. The accents of the A4 will be sharp and clear if you choose this colour, but some might argue that you would also need to upgrade the alloys for this paint to work. 

Glacier White, Metallic – £675

An option with a proven track record of popularity across the entire Audi range, and it’s unlikely to slow down for the next generation of the A4 Avant!

An extremely tidy appearance, as it’s a metallic look, Glacier White is a considerable step-up from the standard Shell White. If you’re looking to upgrade your A4’s appearance but your hesitant to move away from the classic white Audi look, look no further than Glacier White!

Manhattan Grey, Metallic – £675

Sporty, yet somehow elegant. Manhattan Grey is definitely an option worth considering – especially if you don’t mind portraying a gritty & determined attitude! The colour is one that nicely fits the shade & styling of the grille, as well as the alloys. Select Manhattan Grey, and you certainly won’t be taking a chance!

Monsoon Grey, Metallic – £675

Unlike Glacier White, Monsoon Grey will be far easier to keep clean, so if your commute takes you along country roads (or even off road!) Monsoon Grey might be the choice worth taking. Keeping that factory-fresh look will be an absolute breeze.

Mythos Black, Metallic – £675

An appearance that adds a more powerful sense of smartness & sophistication to the A4 Avant, perfectly complimenting the front grille and alloy combination as well. 

Mythos Black is a perfect option for someone looking to portray a sense of class in a cleverly subtle way.

Navarra Blue, Metallic – £675

Navarra Blue is a slightly more popular choice than it’s counterpart, Ascari Blue, but seeing as how it’s been around for much longer it’s not difficult to see why! The Navarra Blue gives a sense of enthusiasm, confidence and strangely, is rather calming… there’s just something about it!

Tango Red, Metallic – £675

Tango red is definitely a statement colour for the new Audi A4! You’ll stand out, and not just for the fact of the quality design. After all, we weren’t put on this planet to simply blend in!

Daytona Grey – £675

Elegant and sporty at the same time, the Daytona Grey option is worth considering for any model! As well as accentuating the alloys & grylle, the New Audi A4 Avant in Daytona Grey with the headlights on looks, (there’s no better way to put it) epic.