Volkswagen has announced that it teamed up with the German styling house, Oettinger, to release official bodykits for the Golf range.

If you like the power that a Volkswagen Golf provides, but you don’t feel that it shows off just how sporty it is, then Oettinger has you covered with its new styling kits for the Golf GTI, Golf R and Golf GTD.

This is big news as the company has been tuning a modifying Volkswagen models for over seventy years, and now VW has joined forces with them to offer the new kits that will provide more appeal for those looking to make their hot hatch look fiery.

While the kits don’t provide any performance improvements, they will add a better aerodynamic profile to the cars. The distinctive bumper, front grille and side skirts definitely set them aside from the standard Golf range, and a redesigned rear bumper and spoiler make for a lot of street cred.

Oettinger also adds a stainless steel exhaust system that produce a louder sound to go along with your sporty new bodykit.

For a GTD and GTI, the kit will cost you £4,000 and if you're looking to trick out your Golf R, you're looking at £5,250. If you're willing to fork out that much money on the changes, just contact Oettinger who will fit the kit to your car for you.