Portholing – It Can Land You a Fine!

Frozen Windscreen

Fail to clear your windscreen & windows properly following some frosty conditions, you could face a fine & some penalty points!

We’ve all been there, you’re running slightly late, you come out your door, and you’re met with the unwelcome sight of a frozen over windscreen & windows. Not what you need!

It’s tempting to remove as little ice as possible, just enough so you can peek through to save some time… it’s alright you’ll clear rest with the de-mister & windscreen wipers. You can be on your way in 5 minutes, right? Think again!

This is called ‘portholing’ – but would the time you save really be worth a £60 fine and 3 points on your licence?

Rule 229 on the Highway could does indeed clearly clarify that drivers should ensure they clear all snow & ice from the windscreen & windows so they do not impair vision in any way.

Otherwise, this would mean you wouldn’t have a full & clear view of the road, and you’re putting yourself, other motorists & pedestrians in danger.

This doesn’t just cover ice! If your windscreen is blatantly still too steamed up for you to see out of, this falls under the same category. As does too much snow on your roof, as it can fall onto the road and cause problems for other road users

Remember the best thing to do if the conditions are extreme – If it can be helped, avoid travelling all-together!

We’re approaching the period of the year were situations like this are going to be most likely. Stay Safe!