Private Plates

A nickname, special date or memorable place… cherished number plates can be important for a lot of different reasons. We understand the importance of displaying your privates plates on your new lease car.

To help you through the process of adding private plates, we’ve created this handy guide:

1) Plate on Retention

It’s best to start off with your private number plate on a Retention Document (V778), you can do this using this tool.

2) Nominee

Because the finance company is the named owner on the V5 for the vehicle, they must be named as the nominee on the license plate certificate.

In the Nominee Details section of the retention document, you’ll need to put the name of the finance company (e.g. Volkswagen Financial Services Ltd / ALD Automotive Ltd).


Once you have updated the Nominee Details on the document, you will need to post it to the DVLA so that they can print the finance company name in the Nominee section (on the left hand side of the document).

4) Option 1 – Plate On Car Before Delivery

Once the DVLA returns your Retention Document (V778) you can send it to the dealership and have your private plate put on your car before delivery.

Please note that choosing to put your private plate on the car before you take delivery can slow down the delivery process, but it can be done.

5) Option 2 – Plate On Car After Delivery

The majority of our customers choose this option as it ensures you get your car as quickly as possible. Inform us as soon as you decide you want to put a private plate on your new car. Then, send the Retention Document (V778) to the finance company. The finance company will then allow you to fit the plate to your new car yourself.

Please note that choosing to put your private plate on the car after you take delivery means that you will need to get your own plate printed.

6) End of Contract

At the end of your contract, you need to take the private plate off the car before it is returned to the finance company. You then have the option of putting your plate on Retention, or you can transfer it to your new car.