SEAT CUPRA, the fan favourite models of the SEAT range, are splitting in to two separate companies. SEAT will still offer their usual range of vehicles, but CUPRA will become similar to the VW Group’s Audi Sport division.

When you see the words SEAT CUPRA, you instantly think of fast cars. The CUPRA versions of SEAT’s models have always been idolised by people looking for a lot of horsepower in a neat package. Now, as confirmed by SEAT officials, CUPRA will become its own brand.

The official announcement is coming on 22 February 2018 at a special international media event. Shortly after that, we’ll get our first glimpse of the new models – featuring the new CUPRA logo – at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

It’s unclear whether the brand will completely move away from SEAT’s designs. Loyal customers of the SEAT CUPRA models may be saddened to hear that there will no longer be a SEAT Leon CUPRA for example. It’s possible that CUPRA will go in a similar direction of Audi Sport, and provide sportier expressions of existing SEAT models. That being said, whatever CUPRA are announcing at Geneva Motor Show has the full support of SEAT leadership.

“CUPRA has always been the sportiest expression of SEAT. Now the time has come for it to gain its own soul, its own DNA, its own identity by becoming a new entity.”


All new CUPRA models will sport the new CUPRA logo and do away with the SEAT branding. Whether SEAT will continue to make its own sporty models is yet to be confirmed. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to make a SEAT Leon R (in replacement of the previous SEAT Leon CUPRA R).


Although SEAT CUPRA models are no longer going to be produced, we’re excited about the possibilities that the Spanish carmaker can bring to the market now that they’ve given the two separate brands their own identities.

You can find more info about the new CUPRA brand on their newly launched website by clicking here.

We’ll be on the ground at Geneva Motor Show 2018 to bring you all the latest news from Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and – now – CUPRA!