Seat has confirmed that the new Seat Leon Cupra 300 facelift will get 296bhp (up from 286bhp in the Leon Cupra 290). The Leon Cupra ST estate model will also get four-wheel drive for the first time.

Seat Leon Cupra

Hatchback models will remain front-wheel drive, although Seat fuelled speculation of a more powerful version becoming available with four-wheel drive in the future. When asked about a 4WD model for the hatchbacks, Seat suggested that they would consider it if there was a market for it.

The fact that the Seat Leon Cupra is built on the MQB platform that brings you other great cars like the VW Golf R and the Audi S3 – both of which offer a 4WD option – it seems like it is purely a marketing decision not to sell a Leon Cupra with that configuration. It’s likely that Seat feel they wouldn’t be able to sell enough of that model to make it worth them building it.

Seat Leon Cupra

Similar cars to the Leon Cupra and Leon Cupra ST on the MQB platform run 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds (5.1 seconds for all-wheel drive), so it’s likely that the new Seat models will get a similar, if not matching, speed.

The new Seat Leon Cupra 300 is expected to be on sale in May 2017.


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