SEAT Leon CUPRA Review | Everything You'd Need To Know
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SEAT Leon CUPRA Review | Everything You'd Need To Know

SEAT Leon CUPRA Review | Everything You'd Need To Know
Posted in Reviews On By Connor Clayton

One of the most underated hot-hatches of 2019, the SEAT Leon CUPRA would prove to be an amazing buy! Here's everything you'd need to know.

If you look carefully, hidden gems can be found pretty much anywhere... the SEAT Leon CUPRA is certainly no exception! Reasonably priced, well equipped and a considerable amount of power under the bonnet. Let's review this hidden gem in detail!


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The SEAT Leon CUPRA is no slouch in the performance dept, boasting an impressive 290bhp and 380Nm of torque. Capable of reaching a top speed of 155mph, and an official 0-60mph time of 5.7 seconds. When you consider what you're getting for your money, the term 'no-brainer' starts to come to mind!


There isn't a quick drop of torque to deal with, but rather a pleasant build up of turbo boost! One pleasing thing you'll quickly find out about being behind the wheel of the SEAT Leon CUPRA, is that it feels just at home whizzing around country roads as it does cruising on the motorway.


Finally, when it comes to economy, the claimed figure is 42mpg combined - which is impressive for a 290bhp hot hatch. However in the real world, you should realistically expect a return of 35-38mpg, depending on your driving style.






CUPRA Badges, suede emblazoned seats and a nicely designed flat bottom steering wheel give the Leon CUPRA a beautiful nod to it's hot-hatch feel. Despite the performance, it's honestly a comfortable interior to spend your commute in for instance!


If I had to change one thing, personally, I'd lower the seats slightly. If I'm driving a hot-hatch I want to (as I'm sure you can appreciate) feel in the centre of the action!


A minor change, but a required change never-the-less! Unlike it's cousin, the SEAT Ateca CUPRA. On this occasion however, it's something I'm sure we can overlook!






 Wheel Size  19" CUPRA Alloys
 Gross Weight  1,910kg
 No of Seats  5
 No of Doors  5
 Top Speed  155mph
 Engine Size  2.0 litre
 Fuel Type  Petrol
 Engine Power - BHP  290bhp
 Fuel Tank Capacity  50 litres
 Combined MPG  41mpg


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