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Suffer From Car Nausea? Here's How To Reduce Sickness

Posted in Tips On By Connor Clayton

Nausea Triggers include: Being in the back seat for a long amount of time, as well as reading or using phones & tablets. There's some simple solutions!

Nausea Triggers include: Being in the back seat for a long amount of time, as well as reading or using phones & tablets.

To those embarking on a long road trip, you should be warned that sitting in the back appears to be the biggest trigger. Complaints more often than not come from the back seat from the front seat.

Unlike the driver, passengers are not able to anticipate when the car will experience a 'jolt' - by which we mean acceleration and braking. The constant unanticipated movement means the body is unable to brace itself, and so feelings of nausea are induced.

This is pretty much intensified when you're either reading or using a mobile phone/tablet. With no other distractions, at least through your peripheral vision, the brain is able to clearly see you're moving, and can be more accustomed to the 'jolts'.R

However, take this away through the action of reading or using a phone/tablet, the brain has no way whatsoever of anticipating the jolts as it's busy with the task at hand, thereby significantly intensifying the effects.

Here's some simple things you can do to reduce the feelings of nausea:

Get rid of any distractions

As we've just mentioned, any sort of mobile device or reading will accelerate the feelings of nausea. Keep the outside of the car in plain sight, and try and enjoy the ride!

Utilise the air con

Feelings of being too hot or stuffy in the car will naturally accelerate the sickness feeling. It might be obvious, but a fresh air flow will keep the environment reasonably pleasant. You're less likely to feel sick next to a fresh air flow!

Get something in your stomach... but keep it light!

An empty stomach can hasten the feeling. You don't really want to mix the feelings of nausea with hunger! Something light before you leave will suppress the feeling, but don't overdo it! a full stomach with nausea might lead to something else...

Keep things smooth

If you're not driving, ask the driver to use a light foot, braking & accelerating smoothly. You might not be able to anticipate them but if they're much less severe, you won't suffer as badly.

Keep winding routes to a minimum

Obviously this expands on the previous point, but actually this translates to being able to see the horizon. If you can see the horizon, the un-anticipation feelings are lessened, meaning it's less likely you'll experience any nausea.