The Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Colour Guide & Prices
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Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Colour Guide & Prices

Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Colour Guide & Prices
Posted in Volkswagen On By Connor Clayton

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line. The Tiguan is the ultimate in luxury and refinement.

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line. The Tiguan is the ultimate in luxury and refinement with a dynamic sporty look.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an extremely popular SUV, with the Tiguan R-Line model topping off the trim levels with superior spec and standing out in a crowd thanks to its identifiable design. So, when it comes to placing your order, it’s important to know what colours you can choose from.


Take a look below to see what colours you can get on this car. Note that all colours shown here are matched as accurately as possible, however, Volkswagen UK can’t guarantee that the colours shown are 100% accurate.

Tiguan R Line - Pure White

Pure White - £0

Pure White is the only non-metallic paint, but it does emphasise the sharp edges and design of the model, while also keeping it simple and attractive. This paint choice will keep your car looking bright and makes it look stunning in the light. If you like white paintwork and don’t mind cleaning your car from time to time, then this standard paint option will be a great choice for your Tiguan R-Line.

Tiguan R Line - Atlantic Blue Metallic

Atlantic Blue Metallic - £570

One of the most subtle, but most popular Tiguan R-Line paint options is Atlantic Blue. This paint will still be striking, but it will also look menacing. This paint will also make the grille look sharp and fierce thanks to it complementing the silver elements on the car.

Tiguan R Line - Deep Black Pearl

Deep Black Pearl - £570

Deep Black pearl effect paint is probably one of the nicest black paints out there. It will look amazing on top of the bright 20? ‘Suzuka’ alloys, and it will make the front grille look striking in the daytime or at night when the headlights are glaring outwards. This is another popular choice for Tiguan R-Line owners, not least because of the Pearl effect that gives this paintwork an iconic shimmer.

Tiguan R Line - Indium Grey Metallic

Indium Grey Metallic - £570

Darker paints like Indium Grey are popular on all Volkswagen models, but this paint looks amazing on the Tiguan R-Line. It makes the whole model look large, it looks great next to those huge 20? alloys, and it keeps your car looking brand new for the duration of your contract. It will also hide a small amount of dirt so you don’t have to clean the car as frequently – win!

Tiguan R Line - Ruby Red Metallic

Ruby Red Metallic - £570

Not the most common of colours you'd expect to find on a Volkswagen, but we weren't put on this planet to blend in! Statistically speaking, red is the safest colour to have for any vehicle due to their sheer visibility, not tricky to see why! Ruby red will definitely be a head-turning option and is certainly one to consider for the R-Line Tiguan!

Tiguan R Line - Titanium Beige Metallic

Titanium Beige Metallic - £570

Almost like a lighter version of the Nutmeg paint, this will also help to hide the dirt, but you also get a bit more of a metallic feel in a paintwork that changes its characteristics based on the light levels. If it’s daytime, this car will seem more silver, but at night it takes on a darker, more subtle, colour that helps you dissolve into the night.

Tiguan R Line - Tungsten Silver Metallic

Tungsten Silver Metallic - £570

Tungsten Silver works nicely with the R-Line Styling Pack on the Tiguan, but it’s probably the most sensible of the paint options available. Perfect if you’re looking for a paintwork that will blend in with the crowds, but with all the benefits of a high-quality SUV that has all the latest features.

Tiguan R Line - White Silver Metallic

White Silver Metallic - £570

The White Silver Metallic finish is a classy upgrade to the standard pure white colour. The metallic finish is much more noticeable than the solid effect, and it's easy to see why metallic white is an extremely popular colour for any SUV model, let alone the Tiguan! Just be prepared for regular washes to keep the factory fresh look intact!

Tiguan R Line - Oryx White Mother-Of-Pearl

Oryx White Mother-Of-Pearl - £1,000

Still want to stand out more than other Tiguan R-Line owners? Oryx White has all the benefits of the Pure White solid paint – it makes all the sharp lines of the design stand out, but it also gives the car a powerful look on the road as other white vehicles seem dull in comparison. Drivers will turn their heads just to get one more look at this excellent paint choice.