Volkswagen Amorak Colour Guide & Prices
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Volkswagen Amorak Colour Guide & Prices

Volkswagen Amorak Colour Guide & Prices
Posted in Volkswagen On By Connor Clayton

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the new Volkswagen Amarok. The Amarok is a true premium-class all-rounder.

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the new Volkswagen Amarok. The Amarok combines everything that you expect from an exclusive, premium-class all-rounder: a masculine design and robust construction along with plenty of power.

VW Amarok - Candy White

Candy White, Solid - £0

Available for all variations of the Amorak, Candy White is extremely versatile and works well on most cars, let alone the V6 3.0 litre Amorak! The beauty of Candy White is that it can say whatever you’d like it to say, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, Candy White just… works!
VW Amarok - Tornado Red

Tornado Red, Solid - £0

The second of 2 free options on the list, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Select Tornado Red and your Amorak will become more of a head-turner than it already is. The option draws attention to the sleek styling of the grille & alloys, and somehow really suits the overall design of the Amorak. After all, who wants to blend in?
VW Amarok - Chestnut BrownMetallic

Chestnut Brown, Metallic - £648

Admittedly not a usual colour for the Amorak, but one advantage… it could potentially hide any dirt for a period of time! If you’re a fan of country roads or your daily activity takes you down such routes, this colour could do you a favour until you reach a car wash! Let's be fair though, if you've got a V6 3.0 litre engine under the bonnet, you're going to go for some country roads!
VW Amarok - Indium Grey Metallic

Indium Grey, Metallic - £648

Indium Grey is definitely the most popular choice for the Amorak, matching the grille & alloys perfectly. Select Indium Grey, and you'll be presenting your Amorak with the feel of grit & determination a model with a V6 3.0 litre engine should be giving!
VW Amarok - Mojave Beige Metallic

Mojavie Beige, Metallic - £648

Mojavie Beige is quite the hidden statement - class, but at the same time, bold! An unorthodox colour for the Amarok, but that by no means is a bad thing! If you're looking for the subtle approach, but at the same time aren't afraid to demonstrate you have a 3.0 litre V6 under the bonnet, go for Mojavie Beige!
VW Amarok - Ravenna Blue Metallic

Ravenna Blue, Metallic - £648

Ravenna Blue is a sophisticated and sensible paint choice for any car, but it’s most likely that if you’re soon getting your hands on an Amorak, then you’re not thinking of sophisticated and sensible!
VW Amarok - Reflex Silver Metallic

Reflex Silver, Metallic - £648

The Reflex Silver look is an absolute treat, perfectly complimenting the Amorak in pretty much every way possible! It looks fantastic against the grille & alloys and is a definite head turner!
VW Amarok - Starlight Blue Metallic

Starlight Blue, Metallic - £648

Not a hugely popular colour, but this is one that would certainly look good under very light situations. This is more of a conservative colour if you don’t want to scream you have a 3.0 V6 engine under the bonnet.
VW Amarok - Indium Grey Matt

Indium Grey, Matt - £3,702

One of the signature colours for the Amorak, the V6 3.0 Litre powerhouse wrapped in the Indium Grey Matt finish just looks right!
VW Amarok - Deep Black Pearl

Deep Black, Pearl - £648

A fantastic choice for the Amorak. Subtle but certainly a complimenting colour, and really brings out an attractive scheme in combination with the alloys & grille. Black certainly brings out a level of sophistication & class in any model, let alone the Amorak!