Volkswagen Arteon Colour Guide

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the Volkswagen Arteon. If you’re looking at getting one of these stunning new models, this is the first place you should look.

The Volkswagen Arteon models, R-Line and Elegance variants, are beautifully designed cars with plenty of power in the engine, and turning heads thanks to a new design that replaces the Volkswagen CC in the range. When it comes to placing your order, it’s important to know what colours you can choose from. Take a look below to see what colours you can get on this car, and how much they’ll cost you. Note that all colours shown here are matched as accurately as possible, however Volkswagen UK can’t guarantee that colours shown are 100% accurate.

Solid Paint – £0

Urano Grey

Volkswagen Arteon Urano Grey

Urano Grey is probably one of the most forgiving standard colours we’ve ever seen. Usually, black or white paint tops the list of standard paints, but Urano Grey will help to hide road dirt for longer. This paint accentuates the sharp, athletic lines that can be found on the Arteon. As a standard colour, no-cost option expect to see more Urano Grey models hitting the streets in the coming months. Sophisticated, smart, interesting and appealing, it complements the huge front grille well, while also remaining a subtle paint choice.

Solid Paint – £310

Pure White

Volkswagen Arteon Pure White

Don’t fancy a grey paint? Pure White is a nice, and cheap, paint option that will add a striking, but plain, colour to your car while keeping it simple and attractive. This paint choice will keep your car looking bright and makes it look stunning during the day. White has been the most popular paint choice in recent years, so if you’re looking for something that will look nice, but fit in, this is a great pick.

Metallic Paint – £595

Atlantic Blue

Volkswagen Arteon Atlantic Blue

The only blue paint option on the Volkswagen Arteon range is Atlantic Blue. A smooth, but not too dark, blue that will stand out in daylight, but disappear into the darkness at night. The chrome accents of the Arteon will be sharp and clear if you choose this colour, but some might argue that you would also need to upgrade the alloys for this paint to work. We think Atlantic Blue is a nice option, but we would prefer a colour that would further accentuate the design.

Chilli Red

Volkswagen Arteon Chilli Red

If you’re looking for something that will define the sporty characteristics of the Arteon, then Chilli Red is for you. It is bright, it is loud, but it is awesome. With this colour, we would expect to get heads turning while stopped at traffic lights before peeling off into the distance thanks to the powerful engines. If you’re looking for a red paint that isn’t quite as glaring as this, though, check out the Crimson Red paint.

Manganese Grey

Volkswagen Arteon Manganese Grey

Like the look of Urano Grey, but think it’s missing something important? It’s probably that it’s not a metallic paint. Manganese Grey is here to fix that, and we think it’s one of the nicest colours on the Volkswagen Arteon. This paint works to show off the sleek shape of the car, and draws out the chrome features. This colour oozes professionalism, so it would be perfect for Executives who are looking for a business car, but would work just as well as a personal choice if you’re looking for something with plenty of character without standing out on your driveway.

Pyrite Silver

Volkswagen Arteon Pyrite Silver

Silver paints have always been a popular choice, but with Manganese Grey being the darker sibling of this paint, we’d be torn to choose between the two. This paint will keep your Arteon looking brand new and sleek for the duration of your contract. It will also hide a small amount of dirt so you don’t have to clean the car as frequently – win!

Turmeric Yellow

Volkswagen Arteon Turmeric Yellow

Volkswagen are, understandably, eager to show off the new Turmeric Yellow paint. It’s eye-catching and satisfying to look at, but not as sharp as Chilli Red. If you don’t like plain colours on your car, but don’t want to stick our like a sore thumb, this could be just the paint you’re looking for. Plus, this colour will work perfectly in daylight and the darkness of night. A good all-rounder.

Crimson Red

Volkswagen Arteon Crimson Red

Crimson Red caught me by surprise. I immediately dismissed the red paints when I saw the likes of Turmeric Yellow, Manganese Grey and Oryx White on the cards. I was foolish, and too quick to push them aside. Now, I think Crimson Red could be one of the most subtle, but intriguing paints on the list. It works with all of the alloys available on the R-Line and Elegance models, and won’t draw too much attention to you if you’re trying to stay off the radar. Although we don’t think this will be a popular colour choice, that might be just what you want if you’re looking for something unique that you won’t see on the road very often. We don’t think there’s anything worse than seeing another car that looks identical to yours.

Pearl Effect Paint – £595

Deep Black

Volkswagen Arteon Deep Black

Want to have a car that looks fierce at night? You can’t go wrong with Deep Black. The standard LED Headlights on the Arteon will stare at other drivers, but the car will sink into the darkness in this stunning pearl effect black paint. Black cars are on the rise and are on track to become the most popular car colour of 2017, so you’ll be part of the crowd with this colour choice.

Special Paint (Pearl Effect) – £1,015

Oryx White

Volkswagen Arteon Oryx White

Oryx White paint is a treat. It will complement your Volkswagen Arteon, it will complement any of the optional alloys, and it looks stunning against the massive front grille on these cars. This is a popular colour, but the price might be enough to put you off it. That being said, once you’ve had a car in this colour, you won’t want to go back. The best part about the Oryx White paint is that people will know you have a top-spec car.

The Volkswagen Arteon R-Line and Elegance models are both available to order now. If you would like a colour other than the standard Urano Grey paint, call us on 0151 728 4711 and we’ll be able to provide you with a custom quote!