Volkswagen Golf R Colours Guide 2019
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Volkswagen Golf R Colours Guide 2019

Volkswagen Golf R Colours Guide 2019
Posted in Volkswagen On By Connor Clayton

In this Volkswagen Golf R colours guide, we see what paint options are available. The Golf R is one of the UK's most popular performance hot hatches.

In this guide, we are going to look at the Volkswagen Golf R colours that are available from purchase for the 2019 plate. The Volkswagen Golf R is a hugely successful performance hatchback for plenty of reasons. It's an extremely powerful car with blisteringly fast 0-60mph times, whilst remaining a premium and comfortable ride for longer journeys, and some of the best styling seen on a hatchback. It's one of Stable Vehicles Contracts most popular leased cars and for good reason.



Pure White / Solid - £0


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Pure White


The basic free option that comes with the Volkswagen Golf is pure white. Be easily seen with this bright white and dirt will be easily noticeable, ready for you to clean it off and keep your Golf in pristine condition.


Tornado Red / Solid - £360


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Tornado Red


One of the more popular options and certainly a head-turner. The ornado red is a popular colour amongst all of the Volkswagen Golf lineup. You can see it on the GTi and GTD fairly often. The red just brings out the fiery soul of the Volkswagen Golf R!


Atlantic Blue / Metallic - £595


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Atlantic Blue Metallic


Moving onto a metallic option, here we have the Golf R in gorgeous Atlantic Blue Metallic. A bit darker compared to previous colours but it gleams in the sun as do all the metallic options. They're well worth the extra cost simply due to how well they stand out, especially on a sunny day!


Deep Black / Pearl - £595


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Deep Black Pearl


One of our favourites. The Deep Black Pearl colour simply oozes a mean stealth look for the Golf R. The black perfectly compliments the front grille. combine it with black alloys for the ultimate stealth car look.


Indium Grey / Metallic - £595


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Indium Grey Metallic


Halfway between white and black, indium grey metallic manages to find the sweet spot giving it a very professional and tidy appearance. The styling of the car goes well with indium grey, showing all the beautiful contour lines of the cars body shape. Might look good with black alloys!


Oryx White Mother / Pearl - £995


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Oryx White Mother Pearl


Oryx white mother pearl is the most expensive but highly premium Volkswagen Golf R colours on this list. If you want to be noticed (even more so that you are already driving a Golf R) then this is the colour for you. Appropriately priced, Oryx white is a metallic step up from the pure white solid option. If you're hesitant above moving from pure white to oryx white, you only need to see it for yourself to be persuaded why you would want to pay extra.


Lapiz Blue / Metallic - £650


Volkswagen Golf R Colours in Lapiz Blue Metallic


Slightly more expensive than Atlantic blue, lapiz blue metallic boosts a mouthwatering lighter tone that is meant for all type of weather. Come rain, shine, winter or summer, the lapiz blue shines through with a glimmering sheen. Certainly a top favourite amongst Volkswagen Golf R buyers.


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