Volkswagen Up! Colour Guide & Prices
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Volkswagen Up! Colour Guide & Prices

Volkswagen Up! Colour Guide & Prices
Posted in Volkswagen On By Connor Clayton

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the Volkswagen Up! A car boasting practicality, fun driving and style blended into one.

In this colour guide, we see what paint options are available for the Volkswagen Up! The Up! is a sensible city car, boasting practicality, fun driving and style all blended into one.

Volkswagen Up! Tornado Red

Tornado Red, Solid - £0

The only free option on the list, and it certainly doesn't disappoint! Select Tornado Red and your Up! will become more of a head-turner than it already is. The option draws attention to the sleek styling of the grille & alloys, and somehow really suits the overall design of the Up! Who wants to blend in?  
Volkswagen Up! Teal Blue

Teal Blue, Solid - £275

Embodying depth alongside warmth, as well as cool alongside calm, Teal Blue brings the Up! into the bright end of the spectrum! A bright feel to match the grille & alloys, complimenting them! Not quite as in your face as Costa Azule, there's a reason Teal Blue won Pinterest's 2017 colour of the year...      
Volkswagen Up! Pure White

Pure White, Solid - £275

The brightest colour available, pure white is an extremely popular choice for the Up!, and in all honesty, it’s not difficult to see why! Definitely a choice worth considering, just be prepared go for regular washes to keep that factory-fresh look up. Keep that shine bright on this exterior and in combination with the stylish & convenient Up!, you’re looking good!
Volkswagen Up! Candy White

Candy White, Solid - £275

Available for all variations of the Up!, Candy White is extremely versatile and works well on most cars, let alone the Up! The beauty of Candy White is that it can say whatever you'd like it to say, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, Candy White just... works!
Volkswagen Up! Costa Azule

Costa Azule, Metallic - £520

A little brighter and more eccentric than Teal Blue, Costa Azule will give the same feel as Tornado Red... who wants to blend in?! Although it may be trickier to keep clean than the darker shades. If you're happy with regular trips to the car wash, by all means go for Costa Azule!
Volkswagen Up! Deep Black Pearl

Deep Black Pearl, Metallic - £520

Regarded as a 'safe' colour choice for the Up!, Deep Black Pearl gives the Up! an underrated look and a feel of sophistication. The only downside is it won't be very good at hiding dirt!
Volkswagen Up! Honey Yellow Metallic

Honey Yellow, Metallic - £520

A very eye-catching option! Go for Honey Yellow if you regard yourself as a bit of an extrovert, a trend setter, or even a Maverick!
VwUp - Tungsten Silver

Tungsten Silver, Metallic - £520

A very popular and universal colour, Tungsten Silver is regarded as 'safe' amongst the driving community. Fairly easy to keep clean, not too shouty but at the same time portraying a bit of class. Go for Tungsten Silver if you feel like you've got a gritty & determined attitude... because that's what you'll be screaming!
VwUp - Savanna Gold

Savanna Gold, Metallic - £635

Definitely the most unorthodox of the range, Savanna Gold is the perfect choice for those who'd like to walk free from the standard colours, but wouldn't like to come across as too shouty. It's of course down to personal preference, but go for Savanna Gold and you'll definitely feel like you've made the right choice the second you get up close & personal with your new Up!  


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