The Golf GTI TCR is a race car that would leave an Audi R8 dead on any track. Drive Tribe’s Road Test Editor, Vicky Parrott, drives the newly revised Golf GTI touring car in this video.

The race version of the compact Golf GTI generates up to 345bhp and brings with it new aerodynamics. Following the first full season of racing, in which the Golf GTI TCR won 17 races and two championships, modifications have been made to the car’s outer skin, while the technology under the bonnet has also been fine-tuned. The Golf GTI TCR, which is available in race trim costs almost as much as a brand new Audi R8 and can be bought directly from Volkswagen Motorsport. Based on the road-going Golf GTI, this model is aimed at professional teams and drivers battling for race wins and championships at racetracks in rapidly growing TCR series around the world.

What do you think of the Golf GTI TCR? Is a 350bhp GTI worth that price tag?


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