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VW Touareg 2019 Colour Guide & Prices

VW Touareg 2019 Colour Guide & Prices
Posted in Volkswagen On By Connor Clayton

In this Touareg 2019 colour guide, we see the available options for the latest VW Touareg, and we also take a look at the list prices for each colour.

In this Touareg 2019 colour guide, we see the available options for the latest VW Touareg, and we also take a look at the list prices for each colour.


Model Shown: VW Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI 4 Motion 231bhp SEL Auto




Pure White | £0


As the only standard colour on the entire range, pure white will be the colour you'll see the Touareg 2019 in it's most common form. Yes it's the standard colour, but it does give the Touareg 2019 that added visual boost... not that it needs one obviously!




Black | £300


As the cheapest colour upgrade, the Touareg 2019 presents itself well in black. Black does seem to give the Touareg 2019 that upgraded sense of power and control, and from our experience, it definitely suits it! If white isn't for you, but you're not overly keen on spending too much on colour upgrades, black may be for you!


See what we mean >




Antimonial Silver Metallic | £850


Now we're onto the next and most populated upgrade level, at an extra cost of £850, the Touareg 2019 in Antimonial Silver Metallic can be on your driveway! Matching the shade of the grille and the alloys, Antimonial Silver Metallic does actually really suit the framework and appearance of the Touareg 2019 the longer you look at it! Worth the upgrade? You tell us!




Aquamarine Metallic | £1,180


Now approaching the ceiling level of upgrades, the Touareg 2019 can be upgraded to Aquamarine Metallic for a cost of £1,180 (ouch.) Not a standard colour on a vehicle of this nature, aquamarine metallic would definitely suit someone wishing to turn heads or walk free from the crowd. Is that you?




Deep Black Pearl | £850


Not quite as steep as the aquamarine metallic, upgrading the Touareg 2019 to Deep Black Pearl will set you back £850. Regarded as a ‘safe’ colour choice for the Touareg, Deep Black Pearl gives the Touareg an underrated look and a feel of sophistication. The only downside is it won’t be very good at hiding dirt! So fancy an upgrade on the lower-cost black? Deep Black Pearl might be for you!




Juniper Green Metallic | £850


Definitely an unorthodox colour! If you fancy upgrading the Touareg 2019 to Juniper Green Metallic, you'll be looking at a bill of £850. It's very rare to see this shade of green on any vehicle nowadays, let alone one of VW's flagships. Want to stand out from the crowd or go for something unique? Let us introduce Juniper Green Metallic!




Malbec Red Metallic | £850


Not as flashy as bright red, Malbec Red Metallic may just be a great suit to the Touareg 2019, and will set you back £850. Red is a stand out colour, no doubt, but this just might be the perfect shade to stand out, in a non-flashy way so to speak. Malbec Red Metallic... one to consider!




Moonlight Blue Metallic | £850


Nowhere near as flashy as aquamarine blue, moonlight blue will share the effect of it's Malbec Red Metallic counterpart - stand out, in a non-flashy, classy way. If this sounds for you, then upgrading the Touareg 2019 to Moonlight Blue Metallic will set you back £850.




Oryx White Pearl | £1,780


Cash not a problem? Oryx White Pearl might be for you, but be prepared to shell out an eye-watering £1,780... OUCH! Oryx White Pearl will upgrade the Touareg 2019 from the standard white again in a very classy way, not to be labelled as just simply 'standard' anymore!




Reef Blue Metallic | £850


Want to find the perfect balance between Aquamarine Blue and Moonlight Blue? Then consider upgrading your Touareg 2019 to Reef Blue Metallic! Blue is a colour of class, portraying confidence and awareness of surroundings. This, in combination with the Touareg 2019 exterior, you're certainly on to a winner!




Silicon Grey Metallic | £850


Silicon Grey Metallic will really bring your shiny new Touareg 2019 to life, at a cost of £850. Like we've previously mentioned, this will bring out the gleam on your grille and alloys, as well as the proudly shown R-Line badge! This one might just be worth going for, when you consider what it does to the exterior features...




Tamarind Brown Metallic | £850


Last, but by no means least, we have Tamarind Brown Metallic at a cost of £850. Does this one suit the Touareg 2019? Absolutely. Again, not a very common colour, but a colour that portrays a sense of class and confidence, in that you're not afraid to walk free from the crowd. Pick Tamarind Brown Metallic and we're very sure you won't be disappointed!


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