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What is the Audi Comfort & Sound Pack?

What is the Audi Comfort & Sound Pack?
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What is the Audi Comfort & Sound Pack? Stable Vehicle Contracts break down the Audi Comfort & Sound Pack into Four DISTINCT Areas

What is the Audi Comfort & Sound Pack? Quite a Desirable feature in many new Audi models!

  • Parking Assist With Parking System Plus
  • Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound system With 3D Sound
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Reversing Camera

Parking Assist With Parking System Plus | Audi Comfort & Sound Pack Feature No.1

With the help of ultrasonic sensors, the park assist feature will assist you with finding an ideal parking space. The system will work out the ideal path for parking bays, and the ideal paths for spaces alongside the kerb.

The system will provide you with support when you're both entering and exiting the parking space. All you need to do is follow the instructions the vehicle gives to you, brake, accelerate, change your gear... and keep your eyes open!

Audi Comfort & Sound Pack Parking Assist

The display can ALSO, warn you of any potential obstacles by showing the path on the screen. You can turn this on simply using the park assist button located on the centre console. So quite a handy feature to have!

Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 3D Sound | Audi Comfort & Sound Pack Feature No.2

With the Bang & Olufsen Sound System, what you can expect is surround-sound playback with 15 performance speakers. Which actually includes a 16-channel amplifier, resulting in a 680 Watt output.

What you can expect from the virtual 3D sound effect system is what can only be described as an INTENSE sound experience. Thanks to 4 loudspeakers in the instrument panel & 2 loudspeakers in the C-Pillar. 

Audi Comfort & Sound Pack Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System

Compared to normal stereo playback, this option will create an all-round sound experience through windscreen reflection, which essentially reinforces a 'middle-feeling'. Furthermore, this is actually optimised for your seat! Finally, it's permanently adjusted in accordance with the driving & background noise determined by the microphone. So... a next-level sound system!

Heated Front Seats | Audi Comfort & Sound Pack Feature No.3

For back-rest centre panels and seating. As a combo with leather upholstery and sports seating... the side bolsters are also equipped with heating! This is adjustable in 3 stages form both driver & front passenger side via the air-conditioning controls.

Reversing Camera | Audi Comfort & Sound Pack Feature No.4

Shown on the MMI Display with dynamic display modes, is an image of the area behind your Audi. It will highlight the calculated path, depending on the steer-angle, and the reversing camera is actually concealed in the handle strip of the luggage compartment lid.

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