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Audi Adds New Paint Selection To Range Of Cars For 2023

New Audi Exclusive paint finishes added as options for Q2, A3, Q3, A4, A5, Q5, A6, A7, Q7, Q8 and TT models from all orders placed from May 23 2022.

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New Range Rover Sport Revealed | Price, Specs & Release Date

The new Range Rover Sport is a luxury performance SUV from Jaguar Land Rover. It's the third-generation model that's more advanced than ever before.

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The 2022 BMW M2 Coupe Gets Some Teaser Pictures Released

BMW has released an official teaser for the 2022 BMW M2 Coupe. It's due to be properly revealed later on this year and features the latest 2 Series design.

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Hyundai Motors Announces i30 N Drive-N Limited Edition

Hyundai Motors has announced the i30 N Drive-N Limited Edition. An exclusive and special version of the high-performance Hyundai i30 N hatchback.

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Polestar 2 Model Year 23 (MY23) Standard Range Enhancements

The highly successful Polestar 2 Standard Range gets some enhancements for the model year 23 (MY23), including quicker recharging and more range.

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These Guys Put an Audi RS3 Engine Into a Volkswagen Golf R

The team from Deutsche Auto Parts in America puts an Audi RS3 2.5-litre 370bhp TFSI engine into a Volkswagen Golf R Mk7. Crazy stuff!

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2022 Easter Bank Holiday Weekend - Avoid The Traffic Jams!

The 2022 Easter bank holiday weekend will be one of the busiest on the roads since 2014, with over 21 million trips planned by drivers.

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Day Ruined: The Cars That Sank With The Felicity Ace Cargo Ship

When the Felicity Ace cargo ship sank in March 2022, it took with it over $438 million worth of goods with it. Including Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche cars.

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Some Genuine And Easy Ways To Save Money As A Driver In 2022

With the cost of living crisis in 2022 squeezing families and inflation outstripping wages, we've come up with some easy ways to save money as a driver.

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2023 Lotus Eletre SUV Revealed | Price, Specs & Release Date

The 2023 Lotus Eletre is an all-electric 600bhp car and Lotus' first foray into the SUV market. It's a hyper-performance SUV with a futuristic design.

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