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New Volkswagen I.D. Concept Teased

Even though the Volkswagen I.D. isn't likely to go in to production until at least 2019, VW are already teasing a new model in the I.D. family.

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Volkswagen Polo Match Edition

The VW Polo is set to get a refresh in the form of the Volkswagen Polo Match Edition, which comes with new technology for added value.

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Volkswagen Reveals Oettinger Golf Bodykits

Volkswagen has announced that it teamed up with the German styling house, Oettinger, to release official bodykits for the Golf range.

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Audi TT TDI Gets Quattro AWD

Audi will now offer the popular quattro AWD option on diesel models of the Audi TT. This will be a great choice for customers.

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Apple Hints at Autonomous Car Plans

Apple has urged the government to encourage companies to test self-driving technology on public roads in an autonomous car.

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Audi Extends Employment Guarantee

Audi has further proven its commitment to its approximately 61,000 employees by extending their employment guarantee to at least 2020.

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The Volkswagen WRC Polo May Live On

The Volkswagen WRC Polo may have a new lease of life after VW's departure from the rally championship, with the Polo tipped to become a consumer product.

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SEAT Leon Cupra 300 Unveiled

SEAT have unveiled the SEAT Leon Cupra 300 and ST Estate models, and they're SEAT's most powerful road-cars ever created in the brand's history.

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