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Update: Phone Use While Driving

Just months after introducing new penalties for mobile phone use while in control of a vehicle, hundreds of people are still being caught...

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The Rise of Car Hacking

Whether you want to admit it or not, the fact of the matter is that if you have a connected vehicle, you are susceptible to car hacking. Read more...

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Volkswagen Turns To Quantum Computing

Volkswagen is turning to the most powerful computing technology - quantum computing - to assist in their mission to create a new traffic flow optimisation.

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Intel Buying Mobileye For £12 Billion

Intel Buys Mobileye: As Mobileye positioned itself as a leader of autonomous driving technology and software in the autonomous car industry, it was only...

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All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick

The latest version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with an Alexa Voice Remote that allows you to control your TV with your voice. Read more.

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Autonomous Flying Cars Being Trialled in Dubai

While the rest of the world focuses on autonomous cars, Dubai are expected to trial autonomous flying cars as early as this Summer! Read more.

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New Traffic Lights Will Help Tech-Addicted Pedestrians

Tech-addicted pedestrians in Holland are being given a safety overhaul with new traffic lights that put an LED strip on the floor. Click for more.

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What Starbucks' AI Assistant Means For Drivers

Starbucks are trialling a new virtual assistant that will allow you to order a coffee with your voice. This is a great idea for drivers of the future.

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Almost 8,000 Drivers Fined For Using Mobile Phones

A record-breaking 7,966 drivers were caught using mobile phones during a one week campaign by just under 40 police forces in November 2016. Read more.

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Audi Tattoos: Personalise Your Car

Audi Tattoos: Audi thinks you should tattoo your car with a new process that allows them to change the paintwork with any design of your choice. Read more.

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