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Podcasts We Listen To On Our Commute

These are the podcasts we're listening to on our commute: Liftoff, Serial, Reply All and more! Click through to find out why!

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Amazon Patents Self Driving Technology

Amazon has patented self driving technology that will allow cars to detect the flow of traffic on reversible lanes. Click through to read more.

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Uber Movement is a New Tool for Cities

Uber Movement wants to help make cities move more efficiently by providing access to anonymous historical data on travel routes and times.

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Intel Invests in HERE Mapping Technology

Intel invests in mapping technology company HERE by purchasing 15% of the company. This will mean the two companies can work together on new tech.

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Google's Self Driving Car Business Is Now Waymo

The self-driving car business formerly owned by Google is now its own company called Waymo who intend to sell their services to carmakers.

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Apple Hints at Autonomous Car Plans

Apple has urged the government to encourage companies to test self-driving technology on public roads in an autonomous car.

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Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft's first all-in-one PC, the Surface Studio, has a huge 28-inch, 12.5mm thin display making it the thinnest LCD screen ever. Read more here.

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