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Audi A4 Avant Lease

If a practical, versatile and refined estate car is what you’re after then an Audi A4 Avant lease is something worth looking into. The A4 Avant is one of Audi’s most iconic cars and for good reason. It offers unmatched versatility with a large spacious interior and boot space, a wide range of economic and powerful engines and a sharp, sleek appearance.

The A4 Avant features some fantastic engines that are equipped for all types of situations. From the economical and affordable 30 TDI diesel to the performance-based 2.0 litre 45 TFSI Quattro petrol, the A4 Avant can handle everything you throw at it and more. What makes this estate car even better is the emission-reducing features Audi has thrown into the works to ensure CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum. Start/stop technology, cylinder deactivation and Audi Drive Select modes are all there to ensure you’re saving as much fuel as possible.

One of the main selling points of the A4 Avant is the instantly recognisable appearance. Audi have created an estate with an extremely sleek profile which means it doesn’t have that bulky feeling most estate cars have. Sweeping lines across the front of the car, as well as an aggressive front-end grill, lets you know the A4 Avant is a serious car.

Space inside the A4 Avant is enough to fit an entire family, luggage, a dog and then some. Visibility inside the car is great thanks to the roof being raised enough, as well as plenty of large glass windows to see out of. Cabin storage is great with plenty of space in the glove box and side pockets to hide phones and other devices. The 505-litre boot is extremely practical and you will be able to fit plenty of things in here. The rear seats can be retracted so that you could potentially fit larger furniture in as well.

Audi A4 Avant Personal Contract Hire

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