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Audi e-tron Lease

If you’re in the market for a prestige electric vehicle than an Audi e-tron lease could be a great choice. Launched in early 2019, the e-tron was Audi’s answer to the growing electric vehicle market. Competing against the likes of Tesla’s Model X, BMW i3 and Jaguar iPace, the e-tron stood to cause a shakeup of the market with Audi’s usual luxury refinement.

Based on its combustion engine sisters the sizable Audi Q5 and Q7, the e-tron stands as a large luxury SUV with a powerful electric motor. Thanks to this size the e-tron has been fitted with an advanced size battery (95kWh) which can propel the e-tron from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. The battery size also helps provide a lengthy motor range of up to 245 miles using the WLTP official test. This makes it far more convenient than some of the electric vehicles on the market with vastly lower ranges.

Taking a look inside the e-tron shows Audi have gone out with a bang for their first production electric car. Complementing the dashboard is 2 large digital display touch screens where all the magic happens. Climate control, sat nav, Bluetooth and adaptive cruise control are all standard and activated through the touch screen controls. A rear parking camera comes to life once you shift into reverse gear, showing you everything behind you on a 12.5” screen.

Audi is famous for the quality of its interiors and the e-tron doesn’t disappoint. High-quality leather seats and gorgeous trimmings line all parts of the interior, giving it a very luxurious feel. Thanks to Audi having multiple options for the interior materials, you can choose to have a softer hide surface if you prefer the feel. All of the buttons and clickable gizmos have a satisfying feel to them, though you’d be hard-pressed to find any buttons as everything you need is baked into the digital display.

Audi e-tron Personal Contract Hire

If an electric Audi e-tron lease sounds like something you’d benefit from then please get in touch with us today. We offer an easy and straightforward Audi e-tron leasing process that’s rated 5 stars. You can get in touch with us by phone on 0151 728 4711, or email us at

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