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Audi RS 3 Saloon Lease

If you’re after raw, unadulterated performance and a luxurious and well-designed interior, an Audi RS3 Saloon lease is something worth looking into. Focusing more on saloon-style looks, the RS3 Saloon gives its sister Sportback a run for its money. If you’re after a car that has the ability to thrill as well as being a competent daily commuter and family car then it’s worth looking into this car.

Sporting a 400bhp engine, the RS3 Saloon is a serious sports car as any and more fun to drive than its competitor's thanks to the Quattro four-wheel-drive system. Blasting from 0-60mph in just 4.1 seconds the RS3 Saloon is rapid and has a 155mph electronic limit. Though we don’t advocate actually testing this on the road!

Thanks to some innovations in Audi sport suspension, the RS3 Saloon is surprisingly easy to drive around town and commute with. As expected with a stiffer suspension, bumps can be felt more than your average A3 Saloon but this can be smoothed out by opting for adaptive suspension. Adaptive suspension works by softening or stiffening the car's suspension with just the press of a button. Brilliant when you need to do the morning commute or thrash some B roads on a sunny Sunday morning.

The RS3 Saloon comes with lots of technology as standard for this high spec model. Audi Virtual Cockpit, 7-inch digital touchscreen with MMI Navigation, adjustable lumbar support, adaptive cruise control, climate control and lots more are all part of the package. MPG is kept to a respectable figure of 30 when being conservative with your driving. Technology such as engine start/stop, cylinder deactivation and Audi Drive Select help to keep your fuel costs down, but generally, fuel usage isn’t usually a concern for someone buying an RS3 Saloon.

Space isn’t too much of an issue with this car and there’s enough space for passengers as well as enough for some luggage in the back. Don’t expect as much space as an SUV though as the RS3 Saloon is a compact sports car through and through. The interior cabin looks and feels premium, as would be expected for a car of this price. Every inch is covered by leather and Alcantara finishes, as well as brushed metallic trims and carbon fibre panels.

Audi RS3 Saloon Personal Contract Hire

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