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BMW 2 Series Coupe Lease

An appealing option for drivers looking for a new sports car is a BMW 2 Series Coupe Lease, especially if you're after exceptional handling and excellent performance. The turbocharged engine and rear-wheel drive features are enough to convince anybody, but there is so much more to it than the power described here. 

The first of the 2 Series range, the Coupe set the standard for everything that came after, including the Convertible. This lends itself to plenty of boot space despite the sports car design and surprisingly spacious rear seating that gives it the edge over other two-door options on the market. 

The M Aerodynamic Body styling is just what you want from a sports car. It gives it both the appearance that will catch the right attention wherever you go while also ensuring fuel efficiency that makes it perfect for long drives along coastal or mountain roads. However, it performs admirably enough in a city environment, too. 

The interior boasts everything you'd expect from the 2 Series. The sporty design makes the controls easy to use, and it eliminates the clunky feeling of earlier models that set it apart like a car that's guaranteed to impress you with its ingenuity and user-friendly setup. 

There is Satellite Navigation, a stereo and an Infotainment system that makes every drive the easiest you've ever taken. Bluetooth connectivity is perfect for the modern driving experience, and each piece is crafted carefully to ensure durability and prevent weak joints and connectivity. There are optional extras available too, including voice control, internet connectivity and an upgraded audio system. 

The wheelbase of the 2 Series Coupe is longer than its predecessor, which provides ample space in the front and backseats. It's remarkably easy to climb into, also with a high roofline and folding seat that saves any awkward crouching and twisting to get comfortable. Once seated, there is enough elbow room for two people and the enlarge windows minimise the claustrophobic feeling that is present in other coupe-style cars. As for the boot, you get 390 litres of space, which is large enough for a suitcase or two without struggling to close the boot, and cubbies and netting make regular organisation easy. 

The 2 Series Coupe drive feels fantastic, and no matter where you go, you feel confident on the road. The traction can deal with sensitive and coarse surfaces, while the steering is fast and precise, although if you're used to other steering systems, this could take some getting used to. 

There are both Automatic and Manual gearboxes available to appeal to all drivers, and you can pick whichever you are most comfortable with. The transitions are smooth, and the reduced revving keeps the engine and other parts in excellent condition. For the best results, please take advantage of the Driver Performance Control or Sports settings to make it feel much faster than it already is. 

BMW 2 Series Coupe Personal Contract Hire

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