Free Delivery to Mainland UK

Our BYD lease deals are available to be delivered straight to your doorstep in the mainland UK, for both personal and business contract hire customers.

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Road Tax Included

Vehicle Road Tax is included in our BYD lease deals for the entire duration of the contract. Meaning more peace of mind motoring and less stress.

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Full Manufacturers Warranty

Our BYD lease deals come with the Full Manufacturers Warranty, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the health of your car and repairs. 

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Rated 5 Stars For Service

Here at Stable Vehicle Contracts, we take pride in the fantastic leasing experience we offer. As such we have accumulated over 1,000 five-star reviews since 2009.

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An image of the BYD Crewe dealership, owned by Swansway Motor Group, our parent company
The BYD Crewe dealership located in Crewe and is part of Swansway Motor Group

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Who Are We?

Stable Vehicle Contracts was established in 2009 and is an industry leader in the supply of cars and commercial vehicles through leasing and contract hire in the UK. We are part of a large, privately owned, Volkswagen and Audi dealership group with over 25 sites. Our parent company recently opened two new BYD dealerships, located in Chester and Crewe, meaning we can offer ultra-fast delivery of BYD vehicles.

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We have compiled a list of car leasing guides to help you if you are brand new to the leasing scene. Our leasing guides go into depth on what car leasing is, how it works and why it's a fantastic way to finance a brand-new car.

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BYD Lease Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can lease a BYD, provided they pass the required credit checks to be eligible and have a full UK driving licence. All of our BYD models require a credit check and we generally advise our customers to have a good credit history in order to have the best chance of passing. When it comes to personal contract hire, this is the best type of contract for those after a BYD lease for everyday use. Those who require a BYD lease for their business activities will need to look into business contract hire, as this suits individuals who need it for work.

You should look into leasing a BYD for the following reasons. Their vehicles are cost-effective and lease payments can be lower than loan payments for a new car. Potentially allowing you to drive a nicer car than you could afford to buy normally. BYD specialises in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, so leasing one is a way to switch to a more eco-friendly car. Leasing lets you enjoy a new car every few years, with the latest technology and features, so you can keep updating to the latest BYD every few years. Leasing is also simple and convenient. Typically, maintenance and repairs are covered during the lease if you opt for them, and you just hand back the car at the end of the lease term. BYD lease deals include the full manufacturer's warranty, so you're covered for repairs.

BYD currently has three excellent models available to lease in the UK. You have the classy BYD Dolphin hatchback. The mid-size BYD Atto 3 SUV and the executive and luxurious BYD Seal saloon. All three vehicles come with the latest and greatest technology, included large rotary touchscreens and over 200 miles of range from full battery charges.

Our BYD lease contracts are typically from 24, 36 and 48 months long. In other words, two, three or four-year contracts. More often than not, 48 months is typically the smallest monthly payment, as it's spread across a longer amount of time. But this is not always the case and sometimes deals can be cheaper on 24 or 36-month contracts. It's best to check every single option when customising your BYD lease contract, just to ensure you're getting the best deal for your budget.

As part of your contractual obligation, your vehicle will have to be serviced at a BYD dealership once per year or when your BYD tells you to have your vehicle booked in for a service. You can often include a maintenance package as part of your contract, meaning for a bit extra per month, your service fees are paid off monthly rather than in a lump sum once a year.

Stable Vehicle Contracts only offers brand new BYD vehicles when it comes to leasing, both personal and business contract hire. Some leasing companies do offer used leasing deals but unfortunately, we do not. However, this should not be a problem thanks to the affordable costs of leasing. If you're after an in-stock vehicle, as used vehicles often are, our in-stock section on our website shows you all the current BYD cars available with quick delivery.

This depends on the deals at the time. Typically, the smaller cars are often the cheapest BYD cars to lease. An example would be the BYD Dolphin, as it's a smaller hatchback electric car. The quickest way to find the cheapest BYD lease deal is to scroll back to the top of this page and select your budget using the filter, or select the 'Price: Low to High' button on the right-hand side.

BYD has been on the UK market for a short amount of time but they are primarily known to be an affordable way to get into an EV (electric vehicle). If you're after a similar manufacturer then MG Motor UK is the closest in terms of affordability, technology and range. MG Motor UK is also owned by SAIC Motor, a Chinese manufacturer. The MG4 hatchback is similar to the BYD Dolphin. Alternatively, models like the Vauxhall Corsa-e and Mokka-e could be potential candidates.

This depends on what deals are available on our website at the time. Sometimes we get through some great deals on cars like the BYD Dolphin, Atto 3 and Seal. Ultimately it comes down to when the deals are released and how quickly stock sells out. They are often time-dependent, as stock is released and then once sold the prices rise again. The best way to keep an eye on the best and cheapest deals is to sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media channels. Then you can keep up to date with new BYD lease deals when they come out.

If you're new to electric vehicles you may be wondering what these acronyms mean. A vehicle model name might be 'BYD Dolphin 150kW Design 60.4kWh 5dr Auto', so let's run through what it all stands for quickly. kW stands for kilowatt and kWh stands for kilowatt per hour. Imagine you have a big bucket for all your toys. That bucket is like the battery in an electric car. It holds all the energy the car needs to run. kW (kilowatt) tells you how fast you can fill the bucket with toys. It's like having a toy funnel. A bigger kW number means the funnel is wider and you can fill the bucket with toys much faster. This applies to charging the car's battery. A higher kW charger can fill the battery (give the car energy) much quicker than a lower kW charger. kWh (kilowatt-hour) tells you how much stuff the bucket can hold. It's like saying how many toys can fit in the bucket. A bigger kWh number means the car's battery can hold more energy, so it can drive farther on a single charge. So, kWh is about how much energy the car can store, and kW is about how fast the car can be charged. 

Based on recent safety ratings by Euro NCAP, BYD cars are very safe to drive. Several of their latest models, including the BYD Atto 3, BYD Seal, and BYD Dolphin, have all achieved the highest possible rating of five stars. These ratings indicate that the cars performed well in both crashworthiness tests and are equipped with comprehensive driver-assistance systems.

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