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Citroen C1 Lease

If you’re looking for a comfortable city car to drive around in, the Citroen C1 lease might have come onto your radar, and for good reason! It comes with many options for driver preference, like three or five doors, automatic, and manual - but there’s more to this car! The joyful and unique design of this car makes it a preference for many drivers, and it’s a great car for daily driving; offering you a smooth and comfortable ride!

Not all models feature it, but the Citroen C1 lease comes with a seven-inch infotainment system, making navigation and playing music much more convenient to the driver. If you find yourself driving long distances often, you’ll be at a loss if you don’t have an infotainment system of your own!

Citroen C1 Business & Personal Contract Hire

The Citroen C1 lease wasn’t designed for racing, so don’t expect to reach crazy high speeds in this thing, but there are other reasons for wanting it! You’re looking for a reliable vehicle that can handle the roads and get you around, and look great while doing it, and with the Citroen C1, that’s exactly what you get!

The C1 isn’t a big car, but that comes with its own perks - like easy access to the dash controls, making it easier for drivers to use! Again, it’s not a race car, and its speeds might feel underwhelming to a thrillseeker, but this car is great for safe driving. The pillars are slim, meaning that you have fewer blind spots, and it’s easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces; trivializing parking!

The C1 has many reasons to tempt a driver, and combining safety and size makes it great for someone who’s looking for an easy and smooth driving experience.

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