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Jaguar E-Pace Lease

Jaguar is a world-leading brand that is synonymous with class and elegance, and it's taking its know-how and experience in the car manufacturing market to new heights with the E-Pace. A Jaguar E-Pace Lease is well worth considering because one of the world's most popular brands is moving into the SUV sphere, providing space and comfort with fantastic handling and plenty of power underneath the bonnet. There's no doubt that Jaguar does justice to big cars just as it did, and continues to do, with smaller vehicles.

Why is it one of the most popular models that Jaguar has to offer? There's no doubt that the spaciousness of the interior is appealing to many customers, yet it isn't huge. An E-Pace is still compact enough to handle the city environment, with its tight roads and small parking spaces, and it's perfect in suburban situations where the driver can open up the engine and feel the power tugging beneath his or her foot. These are only two of the reasons the E-Pace is expected to overtake the F-Pace as Jaguar's best-selling model.

However, there is more to consider, especially when you factor in that 80% of people who choose to buy an E-Pace will never have owned or been in a Jaguar showroom before. Power is mainly based at the front, yet the clutch-based four-wheel-drive system enables the operator to channel power to all four wheels on-demand. As a result, it can hit a top speed of 128 mph, hitting 0-60mph in under ten seconds, which is incredibly agile for a vehicle that weighs almost 2,500kg.

Of course, a six-speed manual transmission and 1.500-2.500 rpm are all well and good, but you need something efficient and powerful. Driver specifications are changing, and the E-Pace hasn't been left behind due to its ability to hit a fuel economy of 42.7 mpg, and CO2 emissions of 143-146g/km. Jaguar is an advocate of providing clean and eco-friendly models to its customers, as the E-Pace highlights.

A direct knock-on of this is that its fuel economy leads to lower running costs. With little need to top up the tank every couple of days, you can save on increasing petrol and diesel prices by using the eco tank feature that offers a capacity of 54 litres. As with all Jaguars, the E-Pace adheres to the latest EU legislation and restrictions regarding the environment, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you're not harming the planet.

All in all, a Jaguar E-Pace lease is a very smart move for anyone who wants a spacious-yet-compact vehicle that's eco-friendly and fuel-efficient.

Jaguar E-Pace Business & Personal Contract Hire

If you're interested in a contract hire purchase for the Jaguar E-Pace, you've come to the right place. With decades of experience, our representatives understand what it takes to find customers the perfect deal. All you have to do to secure a high-quality lease on a leading car model is to contact us today to get the ball rolling. Call 0151 728 4711 for more, or email us at

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