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Jaguar I-Pace Lease

A Jaguar I-Pace lease is everything you require if you want an eco-friendly SUV that paves the way for electric sport utility vehicles in the future. The I-Pace isn’t the first in its class - that honour goes to Tesla’s Model X - but it’s definitely one of the best and biggest rivals to the electric car company’s market lead. Just like the brand itself, the I-Pace is a bold and innovative move by a manufacturer that cares about the future of its customers and the planet. To most people, it’s a welcome sign of things to come, especially from a clean energy perspective.

Let’s get to the moneymaker - the engine. Powered a lithium-ion battery, the 90kWh cell has some very impressive statistics. Motorists will enjoy the fact that the single-speed gearbox doesn’t lack for speed since the I-Pace produces 394 bhp and 513lb of torque. So, even though it’s an automatic, there is plenty of energy under the hood to make the I-Pace an incredibly fun car to drive. To put this into perspective, it reaches 60 mph in under five seconds, which is very quick and has a competitive top speed of 125 mph.

Of course, the big question surrounding electric vehicles is how long the battery lasts on a single charge. There’s no doubt the EV industry is increasing the duration year on year, and the I-pace is a perfect example. According to the manufacturer, it has a range of almost 300 miles. Compare that to the average, which is 181 miles, and the Jaguar has a car that eliminates any worries or frets drivers might have when it comes to power efficiency.

Wait time is less, too, as the I-Pace charges in less than an hour with a 100kW DC charger, giving you the ability to roam around without any complications. A less powerful home charging point (usually 7kW) takes longer to get up to speed. However, you do get the added comfort of being able to plug it in whenever you like. Plus, the car should always have enough juice as long as you’re organised.

It’s easy to forget that this isn’t a regular electric vehicle, like a Nissan Leaf or Volkswagen e-Up. The I-Pace weighs in at 2,133 kg, making it a decent-sized car, yet it still manages to provide impressive and competitive performance figures. Then, there is the design, which is sleek and somewhat coupe-esque on the outside with 20-inch wheels as standard, and futuristic and modern on the inside thanks to several feet of screen adorning the dashboard. Twin these with the inevitable spacious elements you get from an SUV - the I-Pace has plenty of boot and passenger legroom space, and the seats split and fold 60/40 to create more - and you secure a vehicle at the top of its field.

Jaguar I-Pace Business & Personal Contract Hire

With the Jaguar I-Pace lease challenging the giants of the electric vehicle industry, it’s no wonder that sales are soaring. To be part of the movement, and to mix eco-friendliness with comfort and luxury, you should call us now on 0151 728 4711. Or send us an email at

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